Google Search Console: who is it for and how does it work?

Google Search Console is a tool designed with a second audience in place, although anyone can use it thanks to the simplicity of the interface and the simplicity of the functions.

Google has two types of users: those who use the search engine for entertainment and information purposes (mainly consumers) and those who use the search engine for commercial and navigation purposes: content creation companies, SEO specialists, and webmasters.

Google Search Console is a tool designed with a second audience in place, although anyone can use it thanks to the simplicity of the interface and the simplicity of the functions.

1. What exactly is Google Search Console?

Young man writing on a laptop as an example of Google Search Console.

Google Search Console is one of the free applications offered by Google to help you monitor and troubleshoot your website in search engines. You do not need to have a record to be included in the search results. It is a service offered by Google so you can understand what is the vision that this search engine has and improve your site. You can use Search Console tools and reports to:

• Make sure Google can find and crawl your site.

• Resolve indexing issues and request indexing of new or updated content.

• Check your website's traffic data in Google search, that is, know the number of times your site appears in Google search, with the search queries your site returns, and how often users click on these search queries, among other data.

• Receive alerts when Google detects problems with indexing on your site, due to spam or other reasons.

• Shows you which sites are linked to yours.

• Troubleshoot AMP, mobile usability, and other search features.

2. Who should use Search Console?

Young men working on computers in Google Search Console.
  • Google Search Console is for any person or company that has a website. Whether your content is general or niche and you have expertise in this area, Google Search Console can help.
  • Business owners: Even if you don't use Google Search Console, you should know this, learn the basics of search engine optimization for your websites, and know the basics.
  • SEO expert Google Search Console can help you monitor your website traffic, optimize it, and help you make decisions about your site's visibility and presence in search results. In addition, with data from Google Search Console, you can make better technical decisions about the site and perform sophisticated marketing analysis by combining this data with data from other Google tools, such as Analytics, Trends, and Google Ads.
  • Website Administrators: Administrators must ensure the normal operation of their websites. Search Console allows you to easily monitor and fix server errors in some cases, download issues, and security issues like network attacks and malware. They can also use it to make sure that any maintenance or modifications you make to their sites don't affect search performance.
  • Web developers: If you create code for a website, Search Console can monitor and troubleshoot common markup issues, such as structured data errors.

3. How to set up Google Search Console?

Woman working on laptop as an example of Google Search Console.

To set up your site in Google Search Console, you need to follow these steps:

  • Enter the platform site

Head over to and click start now. Check if the Google Account you're signed in to is your business account or the account associated with your website. Remember that it is not your personal email account

  • Choose the type of property

Here are two options:


The domain ownership type will include the HTTP and HTTPS protocols for your site, as well as any subdomains such as "www". This type of theme is more convenient because it recognizes multiple versions of your site.

For example, Google Search Console will see the following URLs as matches: /5678

If you choose a domain property type, you'll need to claim it using DNS records.

URL prefix

The URL prefix type will only contain URLs with the specified address and protocol. This means that if you enter "" as the URL, Google Search Console will not match "http://www.example" .com or "" with this URL.

  • Check your property

How to verify your site in Google Search Console depends on the type of site you've selected

It should be noted that if you add a DNS record or HTML tag, you can't remove it even after receiving verification.

Google Search Console is a vital ally for anyone looking to attract potential buyers through their websites, providing optimized and crawlable content to appear in search engine results. With Google Search Console, it's easy and free to track your performance on Google.

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