Digital Trafficker: What is it ? Why is it so in demand?

Have you heard of the digital trafficker? Find out what this profession consists of: what they are, what they do, what skills and knowledge they need and discover the reasons why they have become so in demand and well paid.

Have you heard of the digital trafficker? This new professional profile arises as a result of digital marketing and current trends, as a real need and for who knows how to do the job, an opportunity to take advantage of the possibilities of online marketing and the growing demand.

In this post I will explain what this profession consists of: what is it, what skills and knowledge they need and I will show the reasons why they have become so in demand and well paid.

If you are considering becoming one or hiring one, read on and discover the answer for yourself:

What is a digital trafficker?

A digital trafficker is the person in charge of “buying” the online traffic of a brand and transforming it into conversions. They are experts in web advertising and perform 4 general functions:

  • Planning and management of project advertising
  • Design, develop and optimize digital campaigns
  • Increase visibility, notoriety and reputation
  • Attract leads and generate sales

And the process consists of 7 steps:

Audit - Planning - Creation - Analysis - Optimization - Reports

Digital trafficker | Data Analysis

What are their specialties?

Although the most demanded are those who have global knowledge, there are several different profiles according to their level of specialization in the different digital branches:

E-commerce: Experts in online stores.

Google Ads: This refers to SEM and search engine optimization.

Infoproducts: Includes, for example, online courses, which, like any product, require traffic to be sold.

Physical businesses: Even companies that are not 100% digital require these services to attract traffic.

Social ads: Experts in social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok.

Social Media Ads | Digital Trafficker specialties

What skills are required to be a digital trafficker?

A comprehensive digital trafficker certainly requires a broad portfolio of skills, ranging from design to marketing. The main ones are:

Marketing: Digital campaigns, social networks, SEO, branding, segmentation, consumer psychology, traffic temperature management, copywriting, leads, keywords, analytics.

Design: Video and image design for advertisements.

Administration: Reporting, KPI calculation, results analysis, cost calculation, forecasts, planning and strategy.

As you can see, the field is wide, and both theoretical and creative and practical technical skills are required.

Computer with performance graphics

What soft skills are essential?

Although, as in any position, soft skills are required that give value to the job, the main ones of a digital trafficker are:

  • Proactivity
  • Work for objectives
  • Attention to detail
  • Analysis capacity
  • Organization
  • Decision making
  • Communication

Why are they so in demand?

We are in the digital age, and today, any business that is not made known through the internet, is doomed to failure. This is when these new demands and responsibilities arise, since it is not just about executing, but about managing the entire process to be able to compete and position yourself.

The importance of a digital trafficker lies in the fact that the traffic you buy must be of quality, and this is reflected in the conversion numbers. Its popularity stems from the benefits it provides to businesses:

  • Monitoring, optimization and analysis of the results obtained, together with the calculation of the results of online advertising campaigns.
  • Businesses increase their chances of success in terms of online visibility and conversions.
  • Most are freelancers, making the expenses for the company less when hiring their services.
  • They have a great ability to fulfill a large number of important duties.
  • It is a dynamic job position and tailored to each client, that is, they know how to create personalized strategies
  • Helps achieve your goals through low investments.
Digital growth through digital trafficking strategies

What is the average salary of a digital trafficker?

A digital trafficker is destined for high economic income, being the average between 2,300 usd and 3,500 usd, since he charges between 350 usd and 1750 usd per client.

More info here: Digital Ad Trafficker Salary

How can I become a digital trafficker?

If you would like to specialize in this branch, unfortunately it is a field that is not yet offered much in universities as part of digital marketing. So if you would like to take advantage of the boom that this profession is having, I recommend these online courses with which you can obtain some of the knowledge to be able to practice as one:

The 10 Best Online Courses on Digital Marketing (Free & Paid)


The position of digital trafficker is already and will be essential if what you want is digital success in your projects. In this competitive world of the internet, traffickers are here to stay and continue to grow in terms of demand and importance, as the professionals that every company needs.

I hope this content is useful for you to decide if you are interested in incorporating a specialist in digital traffic into your project.

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