Best buys for a mint metaverse life

We depend so much on technology that it was only a matter of time before we could buy real estate in the digital world. Learn everything there is to know about the metaverse real estate and decide if this is a good investment for you.

Did you ever think that the time would come when life would move to a digital world? Well, the time has come and the metaverse is here to stay. Metaverse real estate is now a top priority for big investors. However, you do not need to be a great investor to enter the world of metaverse real estate. Metaverse real estate is actually much simpler than you might imagine and is made for everyone.

Metaverse real estate?

Neon cables connected to one another in a parking garage, art to represent the metaverse and technology

But what is metaverse real estate? Metaverse real estate is an opportunity for buying and selling lands and real estate. Everything is in the same digital world. But if you don’t know how metaverse real estate works, keep calm because we´ll show you the best way to invest your time and effort to become an expert on metaverse real estate.

 You need to know that metaverse real estate is a growing enterprise that tries to connect people. Metaverse real estate is a complete collaborative space and will earn US$800.000 million for 2024. The best buys you could make on metaverse real estate are the ones that will offer you the security that your cryptos are safe and sound on a serious investment. Here are the best places for metaverse real estate. 


Modern building light up in blue neon lights to show metaverse real estate

Metaverse Group is a metaverse real estate enterprise specialized in partnership opportunities. They´re one of the biggest enterprises in the metaverse real estate market, and they are continually trying to increase their value.

These are not the only things that make Metaverse Group one of the best options. They offer buying and selling metaverse real estate, development of virtual land, and the opportunity of finding rentals that fit every partner. They also take charge of the marketing and advertising of your metaverse business.

If you want a complete domain of metaverse business and you´re ready to take the first steps on this new open market, then Metaverse Group is your best fit. 

But metaverse real estate isn´t only for entrepreneurs. The metaverse is for all who want to live the exciting adventure of a new whole life. Metaverse real estate is also for metaverse beginners. If you are a metaverse beginner who wants to try metaverse real estate for the first time, these webs are for you.


Buildings on a city with neon red lights to represnet metaverse real estate

Decentraland is a virtual world where every member takes part in the decisions and decides how the world works. Everybody in Decentraland determines the future of the virtual world. Your voice will lead the path of Decentraland. Decentraland is a big virtual world where you could explore metaverse for beginners. Here you can also have your first start in the business of metaverse real estate faster than eating a piece of cake.

How do Decentraland works?

Person sorrounded by red neon lights to show metaverse real estate

Decentraland runs with the Ethereum blockchains and is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. In Decentraland, you can create anything you think. There are no limits, only your imagination. You´ll find a marketplace where you´re available to buy NFTs as lands, estates, and avatar wearables. The land and estates that you´ll find in Decentraland are an opportunity for a very-first metaverse real estate buy.

The metaverse real estate market in Decentraland includes parcels in sizes of 15,15 meters and luxury islands. You can also buy land in the Central Marketplace or a commercial spot in Genesis Plaza. The cost of the cheaper parcel is around 25 Eth. There are exclusive areas called Districts. Districts can surprise you with access to premier land, land rentals, and prefab custom content. 

All these qualities make from Decentraland one of the best options to start in the world of metaverse real estate. Whether you are a metaverse beginner or you already know how this digital world works, here you will be able to free your imagination, build your perfect space and create your connections. No matter you were buying artifacts for your avatar, dabbling in metaverse real estate, or starting a business. You decide everything you want to do and where you want to go in this digital world.

Republic Realm

Person among red and blue neon lights to represent metaverse real estate

Republic Realm is one of the largest metaverse real estate investors. It is also one of the digital worlds you can access in the metaverse. Republic Realm offers a few things that Decentraland does not, and for that Republic Realm is one of the best options when we are thinking about a place to start investing in metaverse real estate.

There are three main qualities of Republic Realm, and here we´re going to explain them to you. Republic Realm has the first shopping mall in the entire metaverse. Yes, the first place where it was traded in the metaverse is the Metajuku mall. This mall is also the largest in the metaverse the amount of NFTs you can find will surprise you. However, the wonder of Republic Realm does not end there.

Republic Realm features fantasy islands within the Sandbox universe. Can you imagine enjoying your fantasy island within the metaverse? Well, in Republic Realm, you can make it possible. In addition, fantasy islands are a perfect opportunity to dabble in metaverse real estate. Republic Realm is a pioneer of the metaverse, and just as it managed to build the first mall in the metaverse, it also offers the first fully metaverse-focused university.

Republic Realm Academy: the very-first metaverse academy

Red circuits to represent metaverse real estate

The Republic Realm Academy is the first university totally focused on the metaverse so if you want to learn everything you need to be the best in metaverse real estate and take a leap from the beginner metaverse to being an expert, this academy is for you.

The most striking thing about the academy, apart from the fact that it is the first of its kind, is that at the end of the courses it offers, it gives you a certificate that envases you as an expert in the metaverse. In addition, from that moment you are enrolled as a graduate student of the Republic Realm Academy.

There are six courses on offer and they are designed to master all the tools necessary to succeed in the metaverse and NFTs based metaverse assets. You´ll learn skills like how to set up a wallet and buy NFTs, the key components of the web 3.0 ecosystem, the history of the metaverse and major players, blockchain technology and crypto structure behind metaverse and NFTs, how to participate in the NFT economy and find metaverse business opportunities and metaverse real estate development, principles, land sales and tokenomics.

If you want to master all topics around metaverse real estate and be an expert in metaverse technologies, the best purchase you can make is your access to the Republic Realm Academy.

Class starts on February, 2022.


Child with VR glasses entering the metaverse

The possibilities for dabbling in metaverse real estate are vast. Whether you want to find a company to partner with to establish a metaverse business, you want to discover the possibilities of the metaverse from the experience of being a digital citizen or you want to become an expert in metaverse technologies and metaverse real estate there is an ideal option for you.

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