Free SEO and how it works in web positioning

Having a good SEO is essential for web positioning in search engines and if you want to know how you can do it yourself and for free, it is necessary that you follow some recommendations to know all the processes and techniques so that you can apply them correctly.

Having a good SEO is essential for web positioning in search engines and if you want to know how you can do it yourself and for free, you must follow some recommendations to know all the processes and techniques so that you can apply them correctly.

First, we want to make it clear what SEO is and why it is so relevant in the design of the content of your page or site.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which in Spanish is web positioning and encompasses a series of actions whose main objective is to position a page or site in the first places of search and thus attract as much traffic as possible. This works by using keywords for search engines to find the page.

1. What is a keyword for SEO?

SEO acronym to make it free and for web positioning.
  • Keywords are those that users type in their searches to find a product or service. To position your page organically you must place between 2 and 3 that are necessary to optimize your site in search engines.
  • One of the applications to know the positions of keywords on mobile devices is SERPmojo. When you download this app, you add your page or site and where you are. 
  • You should also add the keywords through which you seek to appear in search engines such as Google. This app also performs searches on Bing and Yahoo.

2. You should study your website to generate the right free SEO

Women's hands working with cell phone and laptop for web positioning and free SEO.
  • When you study your page or site, you must rely on a professional, because this process can be tedious or complicated if you are not an expert, since the source code of the web is studied so that the indexing of the web page of the search engines is not hindered and will have to be modified in order to improve the indexing. 
  • In this process, you must make the page as descriptive as possible, carefully choose the keywords through which you want to position yourself, that the content is concrete and specific according to the theme of the site and must be updated frequently.
  • For this, you can rely on digital tools such as Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Keyword Tool of Google Adwords among others.

3. You need to study your competition

Hands of man working on laptop for web positioning and seO for free.
  • Optimize your site by conducting competition studies, as well as the spaces in social networks, and already with the knowledge of the keywords with which you want to position yourself. This will lead you to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. 
  • You can rely on tools like Blacklinwatch, Majestic SEO, or Semrush. Through them you can know the backlinks to your page, those of your competition, follow link exchanges, and compare your page with others.

4. Do constant maintenance for a better web positioning

Young men working on laptops. Web positioning and free SEO.
  • Keeping an SEO campaign optimized is a constant task since search engines are constantly updated and you must be aware of the performance of your keywords.
  • Measure the results for the web positioning of your page
  • A key piece in the SEO campaign is to measure the results because through this you can find the errors and successes that are working in the positioning of the page.
  • You can rely on Google Webmaster Tool, which will allow you to check your positioning and visibility. It also lets you know which keywords have brought users to your site.

5. How to do SEO for free?

Cell phone in the hand of a man as an example of web positioning and free SEO.
  • Most people surf the net through their mobile phones, so the first thing you should do is have a page that is friendly to these devices; not only because it will help you have more digital marketing, but also because it will help you with SEO. 
  • Mobile screens are much smaller than desktop computers and if your page fails to look properly on these devices users won't visit it. 
  • Your page should be simple, easy to navigate, and useful. For search engines like Google, it is of the utmost importance that the sites are friendly with this type of device since they usually eliminate pages that do not fit this type of format from their search engines.

6. Share content on social networks: an effective way to do free SEO and position your website

Mobile screen with icons of social media applications. Web positioning and free SEO.
  • What you share on social media is essential for SEO
  • Keywords are relevant in the content that is shared on social networks and appear in search results thanks to the conversations that occur between users. 
  • This leads to your site needing a greater presence in these digital media. Through the likes that a publication can receive, it has a higher chance of appearing in the first places of search, which will position the page or site. 
  • In short, one way to do free SEO is to share content that impacts your audience; the idea is to call them to action and offer rewards and benefits.

7. Extensive content for a web positioning and with free SEO

Cell phone screen with black background as an example of content for web page.
  • Long content gets a better positioning for search engines. For this, you must write information that is useful in all its context so that it is understandable and easy to digest. 
  • The purpose of developing the content of greater length is that users can find detailed information regarding a topic. This is somewhat complicated because you must repeat the keywords several times and place them in such a way that they are not forced when you are looking for free SEO. 
  • You should not forget to include images in your content, they will help you give a more attractive and less boring aesthetic to the content and design of your site.


8. The importance of local searches to do free SEO

Laptop screen with map.
  • Geographic location is key in the creation of free SEO since search engines locate your current position and in this way, they return results of the products or services that are close to the users.
  • To generate free SEO in this type of search, locate your site on Google Maps by adding it to Google Business.

Finally, we leave you other free tools to generate SEO that will be very useful:

  • Ubersuggest

This is a free tool that helps you find keywords. Offers ideas and suggestions for search terms. Ubersuggest displays accurate search volume with the option to filter results, as well as help you find the best terms for your page's ranking.

  • Answer the public

This tool offers you ideas to generate the content of your site and for its positioning. By writing on your page a topic that is related to your company or product, a list of questions will appear that can serve as a source of inspiration. The value of this tool is that it will let you know what the most common questions and needs are and help you solve the concerns of your users.

As you can see, SEO requires a lot of constant work and attention; it doesn't deliver results instantly but as we mentioned earlier, it's the most effective way to drive organic traffic to your pages or sites.

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