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UI space is a website where you can find thousands of freebies, all high-quality and hand-crafted. Learn everything about it here.

Looking for free resources for any kind of project? Then UI Space could be your place. Created 8 years ago, UI space is a website where you can find thousands of freebies, all high-quality and hand-crafted. Keep reading to find out more:

For whom is it?

Mainly, designers and developers.

Available resources

UI space offers the following for free

UI Space Resources

Examples of what you can find:

  • Mockups
  • Symbols
  • Sketches
  • Patterns
  • Avatars
  • Illustrations
  • Portfolios
  • Templates

About the license

All freebies on UI Space have custom rights and licenses. You have to check on the author link or page what kind of license is available for each resource.


In general, you're free to use all resources available on UI Space with a few conditions:

  • You can use them on your projects but author attribution is generally required.
  • You can't sell any of the freebies found on the page, just use them.
  • You can't offer the freebies for download in your blog unless you link directly to their page.

Remember you can also make your own freebies using theirs as inspiration! Although you don't need to credit for this, everyone loves to be credited though.

About downloads

UI Space gives you the following info about each resource:

  • Available format
  • Author
  • Author's site
UI Space Download Page

Please, take into consideration that some downloads aren't direct. You're redirected to the freebies' site for the download where you'll find an adobe presentation with all the detailed information like previews, size, customization, etc. and after you read everything, at the bottom you'll be able to see the download button.


It is a fact that the designs you'll find on UI Space are high-quality, modern, and very attractive. Definitely a great option for developers and designers who are looking for a boost resource. Although some downloads can be more tedious, they're totally worth it, as you won't find the same designs elsewhere. So, what are you waiting for? I invite you to try them and see them for yourself!

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