Open doodles

Open doodles is a library of free sketchy drawings of people that you can use for personal or commercial use. Or both if you like!

Looking for original illustrations for your designs for free? Meet Open Doodles:

About Open Doodles

“Open Doodles” is a set of free illustrations that embraces the idea of Open Design, launched by Pablo Stanley.

Illustrations of open doodle page

As curious as it may sound, some of the doodles are direct scans of sketches Pablo drew on his notebook during downtime or meetings. The remainder of the illustrations were first sketched on an Ipad using Procreate, later vectorized in Illustrator and made into a library with global styles in Sketch. Finally, exported as SVG and PNG.

The designs are truly unique and perfect to boost up your projects.


You can copy, edit, remix, share, or redraw these images for any purpose without restriction under copyright or database law (CC0 license.)

In addition, there are not only illustrations but also compositions for you to adquire and enjoy.

To learn how to create illustration libraries, please see the following article of the creator displaying his process: video

Open doodles compositions

Hire illustrators

You may want to consider hiring an illustrator to help you tell your story in the best way possible if you want to go beyond what this set can do. Listed below are some of the places where you can find talented people who might be of help to you when you start your next project.

Why use Open Doodles

When designers have access to such a resource, they can use mockups more effectively because they can emphasize the importance of illustrations. This could be just a placeholder image while you ponder about asking an illustrator for help. Or perhaps this will inspire others to build their own kit and share it with the world, so this could inspire someone else as well.

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