What you need to know about DrawKit. Free and premium vector SVG illustrations available for your next project, free of charge!

What is DrawKit? What does it offer? Well, it offers free vector illustrations and icons that are all hand drawn. The package includes amazing components that are ideal for your next project. Keep reading to know more:

About DrawKit

Founder James Daly built DrawKit with the intention of making it as easy as possible for designers and startup owners to design their projects quickly. The site provides access to more than 50 free illustrations that can be used in two different styles. Additionally, if you like the work James does, you can subscribe to one of his premium packs.

DrawKit website main page

They offer this kit that contains a number of illustrations and icons related to e-commerce store, online shopping, marketing, reviews, delivery, and many more. Ideal bundle for use in web, presentation and design projects, with a wide variety of illustrations of high quality.

But, what is included in this Kit?

  • A set of 21 vector illustrations (SVG) which are editable.
  • A total of 50 icon designs (SVG, PNG, JPG) are available with four variations (Color, flat, outline and glyphs).


This collection of files is available under a MIT license (perfect for personal and commercial needs), and you can browse and download fully editable SVG and PNG files as well. There are plenty of categories to choose from, as well!

I would like to point out that DrawKit is licensed under the MPL2 license. Due to this license, DrawKit is able to be incorporated into both open source as well as commercial software, including products published in the Mac App Store.

How it works

Among the wide range of illustrations that Drawkit offers you for free and at a reasonable price, you can use them for any project you want, without needing to give attribution to anyone. Listed at the top of the homepage are all free categories, and you can also click on a keyword to browse the library in a particular category. You can set the amount you're willing to pay for paid items on the website, but the price of $3 is indicated as the minimum price under which you should probably not go.


DrawKit offers illustrations that are fashioned in two different ways, but all of the items can be altered to suit your brand's specific style and tone. I think you all would agree that the creator of this website is a talented Australian illustrator and designer. His aim is to post two to four new illustrations a day right there on his website, so you can add this to your trustable go-to sites for design.

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