PayPal VS Stripe Which one to choose?

Providing payment solutions to customers has been an important issue around ecommerce, it is well known that PayPal has been present in payment methods of countless stores and online service, however this is limited to users in their alterntives of payment for years.

The dilemma between PayPal and Stripe.

Providing payment solutions to customers has been an important issue around e-commerce because of the variations that exist in payment methods, in any online business there are not many options, It is well known that PayPal has been present in the payment methods of countless shops and online service, however, this has been limited to users in their payment alternatives over time.

It is undeniable that PayPal is the online payment method par excellence, and that using this means is very attractive for most users, however, many buyers do not find it comfortable to open an account on PayPal, to be able to make your payments and it is also true that the owners of online stores lack competitiveness the commissions that Paypal applies. That is why other alternatives already exist. 

One of the options that best competes with Paypal is Stripe, a payment platform that works perfectly, is flexible, simple, and allows you to pay with Amazon Pay, Apple, cryptocurrencies, and more.

If you are doubting between these two payment platforms, this blog will be of great use to you, you will have a clearer picture of which payment platform is best for your trade.

Person simulating an online purchase by PayPal or Stripe

What is a payment gateway and what are payment services?

Payment gateways are a kind of intermediary between online trade and a payment service provider and, through these, payment transactions are made quickly and easily.

In the case of PayPal or Stripe, both are payment service providers and function as payment gateways.

Payment services also have a responsibility to provide each trade with the means and technology necessary for them to execute their transactions and make payments where they should.

There are traditional banks that have their own payment gateways, with which they facilitate the online purchases of their customers and any type of payment they wish to make.

Person simulating a purchase with his credit card with PayPal or Stripe

PayPal, what is it, and when to choose it?

PayPal is a very popular payment gateway worldwide. Its simplicity, efficiency, and reliability make it one of the best options for electronic commerce, especially for entrepreneurs, because this payment service company is a multinational operating since 1998, with multiple subsidiaries.

PayPal works with the PayPal balance, a debit card, or credit card and, to start using it in your online trade, you must use PayFlow, the PayPal payment gateway. Once you integrate PayFlow with your website you will be able to start processing the payments and, each payment made by your web customers will be available in your PayPal business account in just 48 hours.

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