Data analyst, a rising job with the highest demand?

Learn everything about a data analyst: what they do, their daily tasks. Is it really becoming the most important job? How much is being demanded by companies? Discover it here.

We are in the technological age, one where there are thousands of tools that companies use in their businesses and the world is capable of producing countless amounts of data. According to statistics, a person spends an average of 6 hours and 43 minutes a day on the internet, generating 1.7MB per second. This has led to processes being digitized in order to compete in the new environment.

For these reasons, companies are increasingly looking for profiles capable of translating data into valuable information. One of the professions is data analyst, since they are in charge of reading all the information thrown by the millions of devices connected to the internet.

So is data analyst the job with the highest demand?

In this article, I will tell you about what this profession does and why companies look for them. Find out if it's really becoming the most important job of today and tomorrow:

What is a data analyst?

The data analyst or big data analyst is the professional person in charge of interpreting data and establishing strategies within the company. They work with large amounts of data and analyze patterns and trends in order to take future action.

A data analyst is responsible for extracting, processing, and grouping data; at the same time that it analyzes them and generates reports. Professionals specialized in data analysis or big data are capable of working with large volumes of data, in real time and from which they must draw conclusions in a short time. They have knowledge of mathematics and statistics to help you understand and perform these reports and uses tools like Python.

Data Analyst job

The data analyst is intrigued by discovering what is behind all the information that a company generates. And despite being quite methodical with the information they collect, they also need characteristics such as innovation and proactivity to bet on changes and propose challenges.

Why is it a highly valued position?

If you are part of a company with a digital presence, you probably know that it is vital to be constantly behind the user. And for this, it is essential to have an analyst who knows how to interpret behavior patterns.

According to LinkedIn, it is one of the 15 most important emerging professions of the future. This is because the volume of data is increasing and to analyze them experts in statistics, mathematics and programming are needed.

Data analysis coding

Five reasons why companies look for a Data Analyst

A data analyst has unique qualities that every company looks for. These are:

  1. Creativity to analyze and interpret data. It's not just about reading them, but about having the creativity and analytical mind to get the most out of them and use them to focus on results within a company.
  2. Experience with numbers. An ordinary person cannot handle the numbers and understand them. This skill is unique and the reason why data analysts are of great value to businesses.
  3. Ability to solve problems. Data analysts also have a problem-solving-oriented approach, constantly having in mind ways to solve problems presented to them based on the data thrown in.
  4. Knows how to solve technical problems. By also having knowledge of programming and computer language, they can also solve problems of a technical nature. His profile is very complete as you can see.
  5. It adapts to any sector. Because having data is not specific to an industry, but rather all companies handle it and the data analyst knows it and adapts. One more reason to be essential.

A position with high demand and little supply

There is a great imbalance between supply and demand in this field. It is established that around 9% of the available vacancies remain unfilled due to a lack of specialized profiles, and 8 out of 10 recruiters claim to have problems finding talent.

The reason? There is still no awareness of the great impact that this profession has and will have in the future.


Data analyst is the profession of the future, a figure that will be needed in any company and department. Without a doubt, they have earned the recognition and value that they have today. It is estimated that in 2024, the demand for this type of work will increase by 12.5%. So if you have a company with a digital presence, I advise you to look for a good analyst who will guide your strategies to the best results before it is too late.

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