Copywriting: Convert your visits into clients through text

Learn what copywriting is and the infallible strategy to make it your great ally to increase your conversion rate. Find the best tips and tools to start writing texts that sell as an expert.

Even if you have an excellent product or service and a great sales team, if you don't know how to sell what you offer, you will never grow. This is where copywriting comes in, a fundamental technique for your potential customers to want to buy from you through persuasive copywriting.

In this post you can learn more about what copywriting is and the infallible strategy to make it your great ally to increase your conversion rate. Find the best tips and tools to start writing texts that sell as an expert.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting consists of a series of writing techniques that aim to empathize with the potential client and motivate him to take a specific action through text. It means investing in creating copywriting that grabs the attention of potential customers to increase sales.

Examples are buying a product or service, interacting with a publication, or leaving contact information.

Use copywriting to make your clients do a specific action

Importance of copywriting

Copywriting is essential in any business looking to generate conversions. It can be applied to websites to convert visits into leads, in emails to cause more opens and on social networks to increase interactions.

The content of your website is probably very attractive but it doesn't invite to take some action, and there is the error because you are not working on your conversion rate. This rate, according to experts, should be around 5% and 10% and depends on how well the content of your website is designed. So you need to focus and work on copywriting to meet your website business goals.

And doing good copywriting is not a matter of creativity, it is a matter of knowing the most effective method and knowing how to apply it in each strategy and communication medium. Since it not only serves to sell, but also to give the brand image, since the highlights as well as the benefits are transmitted.

Knowing the basic information, I present you some elements that professional copywriters use to develop their persuasive texts and tips to increase your chances of conversion and improve your current content:

How to apply copywriting in your texts

Copywriting is a communication strategy that requires planning and a series of steps. Let's see the most important:

Bulb with ideas

Before strategy: know your audience

Do you really know what your visitors are looking for on your website?

It is very important to know the potential client in great depth in order to determine what they are looking for and thus create appropriate texts that help them satisfy their need. Only by knowing your ideal client will you be able to connect with him through persuasive texts.

AIDA formula

Do you know the AIDA formula? It is a method used in marketing that describes the phases that a customer follows in the purchase decision process. And I will base myself on these steps today to develop the best strategy for you:

Attention - Interest - Desire - Action

1.- Attention: Titles

This refers to capturing the attention of your reader through eye-catching titles that generate curiosity. The points that you should consider to create a good title are:

  • Highlight what benefits they will get
  • Show the transformation your client will have
  • Answer a question
  • make a question
  • Use a testimonial

Example of how to create titles for copywriting

2.- Interest: Emotions

Copywriting must have a strong emotional charge, and you must manage to awaken the interest of your clients through empathy. Put yourself in their shoes and show them that you understand their problem through emotional and personal copywriting.

How to do it? Some tips are:

  • Target your audience specifically, make them feel that connection
  • Show them that your offer is what they really need
  • Use confident language and tone
  • Don't use very complicated words
  • Make your customers the protagonists, make them the center of attention

Eggs with emotions

3.- Action: Call to action

Increase engagement and get your readers motivated through a CTA or call to action. Get your customers to recommend your products, give opinions and interact by implementing these small actions:

Add questions to your copywriting that will prompt your audience to comment on their opinion

  • Offer them incentives and things in return like products and discounts
  • Take surveys and questions
  • Make interactive dynamics

4.- Desire: Pain points

For your copywriting or copywriting to be successful you must highlight the benefits of your product and show yourself as THE solution to your client's problem.

It is advisable to start your texts by addressing your audience in a way that identifies themselves and feels the need to find a solution. Some points to keep in mind are:

  • Tell a story or anectode (storytelling)
  • Explain the case of a satisfied customer and what their challenges were
  • Introduce your product as a solution
  • Find the most important points that your clients need to solve
  • List what they will achieve with your product or service

Problem solving through copywriting

Finally: Concretion

Once you know the AIDA, another important aspect of copywriting is the concretion.

You must learn to get the most out of every word and get your copywriting to deliver a clear and blunt message. Otherwise, your audience is bored and does not read you.

As final advice, be sure to use short sentences (3-4 lines), avoid technicalities, and preferably review the text with a second person for feedback and improvement.

And don't forget: Use all the creativity you have to be constantly innovating, create texts that your audience will remember for life.


Creating content that encourages your visitors to take specific actions is not an easy task, but knowing the best copywriting techniques, it is undoubtedly easier to achieve. Then start working on your goals and creating optimized content for sales and increase the conversion rate.

I hope these strategies and tips have helped you put them into practice and improve the content you create. Remember that you can contact me in case you have more questions and I will gladly advise you.

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