Improve your Call to Action (CTA) with these tips.

Your social media posts or websites must motivate your followers with the well-known call to action (CTA), which is a tool whose purpose is to get whoever is reading your post to do the immediate action you decide.
Phones on the wall, to represent the call to action.

Currently, your social media posts or websites, in addition to sharing valuable information, must motivate your followers with the well-known call to action (CTA), which is a tool whose purpose is to get whoever is reading your post to do the immediate action you decide, may be to buy some product, redirect them to another website or simply continue reading more content within your page or social network. 

The evolution of web portals and digital marketing has made social networks offer a wide variety of formats for CTAs, from buttons in publications or at the foot of a website to direct links in stories or videos in real-time. In addition, they also allow the possibility of measuring the results of the use of call to action in real-time, to know precisely what works for your organization, goals, objectives, and results in the long, medium or short term. 

In this blog, you can have a guide that will be useful to better understand the functionalities offered by this great tool; it is important to know that your publication should make clear to your potential customers what you are offering, why it is valuable to them and why they should act right now.

1. Nail the interests of your audience.

The best action to start creating an excellent call to action (CTA) is to research, find out everything you need about your audience, their interests, their fears and concerns. One of the best tools for research and study of your audience is social listening and the correct use of creating a buyer persona. 

Get involved in the conversations that are going on around your brand and niche so you can create a more attractive and targeted call to action.

With this covered, it’s time to answer some questions: Who are my customers? How do I want them to perceive me? What information is relevant about them? How can I address them?

Guy looking at a wall of research for the call to action.

2. Correct use of words and language

At the moment of creation for your call to action, the imperative language works very well, that is, the one who directs an order, for example: "Buy now", "Click on", "Subscribe", "Register now". 

It is very important not to use colloquial language continuously in your publication, it is common to find such a tool in most CTAs, and we do not want yours to go unnoticed, make sure to maintain a professional, friendly and persuasive language.

3. Users and followers are your priority

The goal of CTA is to get your readers, followers, or audience to interact by making them feel like you’re talking directly to them. 

The continued use of the pronoun "you" and the possessive adjective "you" can make them feel identified and recognized, and as a result, generate more interactions with your content.

Board, sum of ideas represented by lights, plus strategy represented by gears, equal to results presented by graph, encouraging the call to action

4. Sense of urgency, an important ally

Reading "limited time only", "available to the first 100 customers" or "discount code for the next 24 hours" creates a feeling of belonging to that VIP group, which forced your community to buy or continue to interact. 

"Call now" works better than "Call" or "Call when you can" because it implies urgency and immediacy. 

The clock on the desk, ticking one hour for the call to action.

5. Customize your CTAs according to the platform you use

Each social network is different, so the text you use as a strategy for your posts cannot be the same at all. 

Facebook, in its Advertising Center within the business pages can add a call to action button to promote your page, get more visits on your website, promote your business in the area and get more customers.

Instagram, for its part, added its own CTA buttons at the end of its promoted posts. It also gives you the option to add a web link in your stories that will appear as a tab that says "View More".

And on the other hand, Twitter published a study on the types of call to action that works best for its platform, including links, hashtags and mentions.

Representation of the different social networks for the call to action.

6. Unbreakable dumbbell between benefits and your CTA.

The best way to convince potential customers to buy your product or use your service is to make them understand why they need it.

Start by writing from the reader’s perspective and show them clearly and obviously the benefits they will get from becoming your customers.

Smartphone partially hiding every social network they have.

7. Visual resources, your right hand

Before you can convince the user to take any action, you first need to get their attention. A call to action with an image is a good way to tell the audience "Pay attention".

If you’re selling a product, show it with a photo. You can also insert text into your images. The idea is to make your CTA as visually appealing as possible.

Young man making use of his desktop computer.

8. Make it simple, not easy.

Time is precious to anyone, it is more precious to your followers. Therefore, any call to action should indicate that it will not take much time or effort to act.

Instead of saying "Fill out this form" it’s better to "Sign Up Today" although in reality, the action will be the same, "Sign Up Today" may seem easier and less tedious for your potential customer. 

Computer, mouse, clock, notebook, and pen, all organized to represent call to action.

Ready! Now that you have the right tools and tips to achieve your goals in this immense digital world, it’s time for you to take your social media to the next level.

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