Sandbox: a promise of the metaverse

Buying, selling, creating, experimenting and monetizing in the metaverse doesn’t have to be limited to programmers. Get to know Sandbox, the platform that has everything for you to start living in the digital age.

How did a game that helps you create your own games become a promise for the metaverse? Technology is opening up new spaces for human development, from virtual real estate to real-time 3D experiences.

Many games that some years ago were underestimated as children’s entertainment, today are at the forefront in the matter of the metaverse. Sandbox is one of the most popular platforms nowadays to create, invest and experiment in the metaverse, although some years ago all would have reduced it to a game. However, the true potential of this platform is barely being revealed.

What makes Sandbox such a promising platform? The ecosystem created by Sandbox is strong because of the way in which the services it offers are related. Let’s take a closer look at the features and advantages of Sandbox.

What is the Sandbox?

Woman creator in fornt of monitors about to use Sandbox

Can you imagine a moment in history when people doubted the importance of the internet? When the internet began, many people could not see the opportunities that would come with it. Now the internet is indispensable not only as a means of communication and entertainment but as an extension of our world that expands our possibilities.

The idea that we can have virtual lives parallel to that of the material world is becoming a closer reality. The metaverse is the world in which we expect the future to unfold. Thanks to the web 3 we hope to have a virtual space in which the experiences are in 3D, interactive and in real time. But how will this world be built?

It is a reality that the world of the metaverse is already under construction. It is thanks to innovative platforms that this has been achieved. Programs that used to be limited to games now become the tools to build and interact in the metaverse. Sandbox is one such case.

Sandbox was created by Arthur Madrid and Sebastian Borget. It was released on May 15, 2012. Although at first it did not resemble what it is today and its capabilities were much more limited. Madrid and Borget met when they worked together at One Clic Media (the digital marketing consultancy), since then they have been partners. Madrid stands out for its skills in economics and Borget for its knowledge in telecommunications. Later these two skills were to help shape Sandbox’s particular features.

Before Sandbox, in 2011 Madrid and Borget created Pixowl, a video game publisher that would give them the first sketch of what they really wanted to create. The first versions of Sandbox were mobile games for Android and iOs that allowed you to create your own video games. This is the beginning of Sandbox: a platform where creators can create the games and interactive experiences they imagine.

At first glance a video game of creation like Sandbox would not be of great relevance, less because there are many of the same type as Minecraft and Roblox. However, by the nature of these, they are just the programs that allow you to create within the metaverse.

What products does Sandbox offer?

Designer creating with Sandbox

How can you create something with Sandbox? As we’ve already mentioned, Sandbox’s original idea was a platform for making video games. However, this is not the only thing that can be created. The keyword is this: create. Sandbox is a virtual space with tools to let creativity loose and build from works of art, experiences, games, entire buildings... The boundaries of Sandbox are yet to be seen.

A great advantage of Sandbox is that anyone can experiment with it. You don’t need to be a programmer to create using the program. Besides that creators are the owners of creations and can make profits with them.

Sandbox offers the following products that allow the ecosystem to maintain and grow:

•             VoxEdit: a creator of NFTs that allows you to make your own creations and even animate them. It is a tool that does not require programming knowledge and from which you can profit by selling your creations.

•             Marketplace: this is the Sandbox market. Here, as an owner of NFTs, you can sell your creations. On the other hand, you can make purchases, here are offered digital pieces, animations, games, experiences and even lands (of the latter I will talk to you later) and anyone is free to buy or bid with the cryptocurrency of the platform, Sand (which I will also tell you about later).

•             Game Maker: here were the beginnings of Sandbox. With the Sandbox game maker, if you can imagine it, you can create it, it is a tool with which anyone can experiment. With this same product you can create interactive experiences. Any creation of this tool can be offered in the Marketplace.

These three simple services of Sandbox are those that start the virtual world of Sandbox, in which you already have own experiences of metaverse and virtual life. But how can all this work? Where are the games built? How do you pay for the products?

Land: where to build in Sandbox

Iceblocks on the ocean from above to represent land to buy in Sandbox

Just as in the real world to build you need a piece of land, in Sandbox you also must buy Land. As incredible as it may seem, in the metaverse we have the possibility to buy real estate, in the case of Sandbox what is bought is Land. What’s the point of buying Land?

It’s mainly an investment. Buying Land is like buying land in real life, you can resell it or rent it and make a profit. In fact, creations can be installed in the Land so that when renting it it is worth more.

We could imagine that digital creations do not need a space in which to settle, however, there is nothing more opposite to reality, all needs to be installed somewhere so that it can be found and can run its characteristics properly. In Sandbox, everything must be placed in a piece Land. That is, for an NFT (be it a game, art or experience) to be used, it must be placed in Land. Imagine I buy a racing game in Sandbox, to use it I must place it in Land. If I don’t have Land, I can go into someone else’s where different experiences are already installed and explore them.

However, the purchase and rent of Land, in what currency is it made? Well, Sandbox has its own currency.

Sand the cryptocurrency of Sandbox

Arthur Madrid’s economic science skills were put into practice by creating a cryptocurrency of the platform. Sand is the currency with which all transactions are made in the Marketplace.

Having its own currency has helped Sandbox become a platform that brings its own economic value. In fact, investors who are not interested in building, creating or interacting online, are interested in buying the currency as someone who would buy dollars, because by the transition to the metaverse, it has been projected that this currency will increase its value. On the other hand, it is also estimated that soon, we will all need to make transactions with some kind of cryptocurrency.

So how does the sum of real estate and a cryptocurrency itself make Sandbox a great tool to create? Let’s see what the real virtue of Sandbox is.

Benefits of creating and building in Sandbox

Creator in fornt of monitors using Sandbox to create

Sandbox is an ecosystem rather than a simple program, game or tool. What it has created are spaces that encourage creation with simple tools as well as means to generate profits through them. That is, it has everything in one place so that the people behind the monitors can enter the metaverse. Sandbox is actually a complete ecosystem in which each party nurtures the growth and proper functioning of the other. The creation of NFTs occurs in GameMaker and in VoxEdit, in the Market Place the creations are offered, as well as the spaces to run them (Land) and all the transactions are given in same exchange rate (Sand).

Beyond this, when a person creates with Sandbox he owns 100% of his creations. Sandbox is only the platform that provides the tools, the spaces and the market. This prioritization of creators gives them the advantage of taking the profits while motivating them to stay in the ecosystem.

In addition, Sandbox recognizes its creators by allocating a fund for its creators. That is, there is a certain amount of funds at Sand intended to pay for their creations, which are the ones that really give life to the ecosystem.

For all the movement that is propitiated in the market of Sandbox, is that the value of the cryptocurrency is maintained and tends to increase. So it’s a market that can be predicted to give investors security.

Conclusions on Sandbox

Game Over pixel art

Sandbox is an ecosystem that allows creating, monetizing and owning different digital assets of value in the metaverse. It is an extremely attractive platform for creators for the benefits it brings as owners of their NFTs, in addition to giving them security with a fund intended for them. The same ecosystem activity gives value to the cryptocurrency called Sand, which makes Sandbox very attractive to investors.

Sandbox is one of the many ecosystems that are currently building the metaverse. This is the direction that digital life is taking and where it seems that the bulk of our interactions will move, so it is advisable to keep a close eye and begin to delve into these new modalities.

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