Crocoblock is one of the most powerful Elementor plugins, and the most comprehensive one in its number of packs and widgets.

Today I will tell you a bit about an Elementor extension called Crocoblock. Read on to learn all about it:

What is Crocoblock?

Crocoblock, to put it simply, is a subscription service for the Elementor Page Builder. Even though there are dozens of plugins, it's wonderful to see how they interact with one another.

The Elementor and Jet plugins package includes more than 1000 sections and numerous ready-made pages to suit virtually any purpose. A number of them allow you to configure Mega Menu and arrange it with the help of a page builder and a variety of widgets.

You can also create and design footer, header, archive, and single page templates with the other templates. Moreover, it comes with plugins for the creation of a blog, tabs and accordion blocks, as well as gloss visuals.

It is not necessary to purchase all the plugins separately with the Crocoblock. As for the license agreement, Crocoblock provides all-in-one coverage.

What is included in the package?

The complete collection of JetPlugins is available to you, that contains various modules like Jet Elements, Jet Tabs, Jet Blog, JetReviews, JetWoobuilder, Jet Tricks, Jet Blocks, Jet Menu, Jet Tricks, Jet Blocks, JetPopup, JetSmartFilters, JetProductGallery, JetSearch, JetCompareWishlist etc. The plugins add different features to Elementor.

Crocoblock suite


It is simple to obtain the content of the pack; all you have to do is sign in to your account at Crocoblock, navigate to the Downloads section on the left side, and select one of three different packages corresponding to what you require.

The Super Easy Installation pack is the best choice for those who prefer to install everything automatically without importing anything from FTP or cPanel. You can find JetThemeWizard here. This application will install the Kava theme and Jet plugins set, as well as allow you to select a skin for your theme.

Easy Installation is a pack you can use if you already have the theme installed, you are using Elementor on your WP site, but wish to add Crocoblock features to it. By selecting this option, you are able to install Dashboard along with a full range of Jet plugins, thirty topical skins for Elementor, and pre-made sections. If you would like to try the Kava theme, you may do so separately.

In order to use the Super Easy or Easy Installation packs, it is necessary to install and activate the JetThemeWizard plugin through the WordPress Dashboard.


Crocoblock skins

Currently, there are approximately 30 different skins covering almost every possible topic, from business and corporate to personal lifestyle. They are available on the Crocoblock Demos page. The number of skins is increasing at a rapid rate.

It is necessary to install and enable JetThemeCore add-on in order to access the skins. Upon activation, the Crocoblock Dashboard appears in the admin panel.

Magic button

Crocoblock is a modernized version of the concept of Magic Button. The button allows you to access sections, headers, pages, and footers of the template, without having to import it apart and upload it to the website.

All you need to do in order to access the templates is to open Elementor Editor and click the Magic Button. There are a number of elegant pages, sections, footers, headers, archives, and single pages accurately classified and readily available for use and preview.

Jet Plugins

Crocoblock Pack
  • JetSmartFilters: With this plugin, you can add really advanced AJAX filters functionality to your WooCommerce products and custom post types. This is an obvious choice for eCommerce site owners using Elementor.
  • JetProductGallery: It allows you to create beautiful product galleries for WooCommerce.
  • JetSearch: This plugin provides Elementor with advanced AJAX search functionality.
  • JetCompareWishlist: This plugin enables you to add comparison and wishlist functionality to WooCommerce for better conversions.
  • JetAppointment: It allows you to book appointments on your site using Elementor, create widget skins and boost your site performance.
  • JetStyleManager
  • It allows you to adjust and manage widget style settings in Elementor, create widget skins and boost your website's performance. In order to load Elementor on the frontend, you can remove less-wanted features (to ensure that only the features you need are loaded.


Crocoblock pricing 1

The pricing of Crocoblock is divided into four tiers. It costs $130/year if you wish to use all of its JetPlugins on a single site. Crocoblock is $265/year if you manage client websites and wish to use it on unlimited numbers of websites. By purchasing an unlimited site license, you will be able to use the plugins on your client's websites as well. You do not have to purchase a separate Agency plan.

Fortunately, Crocoblock offers a lifetime plan for $750. Support and product updates will be provided for life.

By subscribing to Crocoblock, you are entitled to all of that company's products. As a result of subscribing, you will be able to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Regular updates to the product. 
  • Various new plugins and skins bundled with the updates. 
  • With an unlimited license, you have the opportunity to use the products for unlimited projects.
  • 24/7 helpful and friendly assistance.

Here you could find their FAQ page to solve any more questions that you may have.


Crocoblock is undoubtedly a great investment if we talk about Elementor add-ons, since it gives you access to all the company's products and many benefits; in addition to its cost being accessible and fair. I recommend you buy it and use it in your projects.

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