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Flow Lava is an illustration constructor that will help you jump start your designs. Learn more about how it works and if it is for you here.

Every website needs pictures. It can be difficult to get stock illustrations that adapt perfectly to our needs and hiring an illustrator can be expensive. Flow Lava offers a solution for this.

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About Flow Lava

Flow Lava is an illustration constructor. It was designed by Craftwork to speed up and simplify the design process. This constructor allows you to create pictures that will align with the goals of your projects. You can design pictures for your webpage, social media posts, or printed materials.

How does it work?

On Lava Flow’s page, you will immediately have the option to download. Once you do so you will receive a zip with all the files needed to create. Although keep in mind they’re only compatible with Figma and Sketch. In the editor you can start to play with the options Lava Flow has to offer.

Options are limited but the combinations make the final result highly customized. You can pick the background, legs, arms, torso, and hairstyles for the characters as well as the colors. With a touch of imagination, the user can make very original illustrations.

About the free version

The free version includes:

  • 9 Characters
  • Color System
  • 16 Backgrounds
  • Blobs and Objects
  • 16 Scenes
  • Personal & Commercial License

If you would like more options you can go Pro for $89


Flow Lava is an easy-to-use tool for self-taught people who are learning web design and need to create simple illustrations quickly. It could also be a good tool for illustrators who need to break a creative block. Playing a little bit with default options can generate great ideas.

In brief, Flow Lava is an illustration constructor, compatible with Figma and Sketch. It has default options to mix and match and create clever designs. It is mainly used to speed up the design process and get final results quicker. If you want to try Flow Lava click here.

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