Learn everything about Blush plugin, an online tool that hosts a variety of high-quality illustrations from selected artists worldwide.

What is this Blush plugin? Is a web application that allows anyone to access illustrations from around the world. One of the advantages of these illustrations is that each element can be modified to create your own composition. Keep reading to learn more:

How it started

In the beginning of 2009, Pablo Stanley created an online tool called Blush, which offers users a collection of illustrations from a worldwide pool of talented artists. What makes it special is that, unlike most other stock imagery, you are able to customize the illustrations in an incredible way, and they are simply stunning to look at! These come in a built-in form of a building-block.

The Blush plugin is available for Figma (Sketch will be available in the near future), allowing designers to incorporate illustrations into their design tools without losing context. Moreover, Blush is also available online as a Web App, which allows anyone to download and add illustrations to their creation. It is possible to create an eye-catching banner for your blog posts, visually enhanced slides, as well as impressive visualizations to accompany your graphs.

Steps on how to use Blush plugin

Figma and Sketch Plugin

It is possible to play with the illustrations in our web app, but it gets even better when you can customize everything directly inside of Sketch and Figma. You can check out this beginner’s guide to Figma here if you are unfamiliar with it. Figma Plugin will be used for this. 

Browse collections

As soon as you open the app, you are able to browse the different collections and choose an illustration style you like.

Add illustrations

There are a number of illustrations in the collection, and you can pick one and add it to your canvas.


The design of the illustration can now be customized in several ways, including the background, clothing, facial impressions, and everything in between.


That’s all! So far, as you may have noticed, I have not paid a penny for the service!  It is free to download low-resolution png files, but you can upgrade (currently 12$ per month) in order to download high-resolution images, as well as vector illustrations (SVG). In addition to making it easier to change colors to match your brand style, the upgrade also brings some other great features.

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