Hostwinds: dedicated hosting

Among all the hosting options, Hostwinds stands out for its high prices. Are their packages worth it? Find out here.

Why pay $106 a month for a hosting service? There are much cheaper options. What would it have to offer to make it worthwhile? Well, for certain needs and amenities it is best to invest. Hostwinds is a hosting service that stands out from the others. Find out if this is the hosting option for you.

Presenting Hostwinds

Hostwinds' footer with awards and assitance option

Hostwinds is a hosting service that specializes in dedicated hosting. It was founded in 2010 with the mission to offer the best hosting experience. While seeking the best quality in their services, they attempt to approach the client's personal needs.

This was because many hosting options did not have good customer service or technical support. At the same time, many hostings were prioritizing large clients, leaving small businesses adrift. Therefore, Hostwinds seeks to provide business-level solutions with a personal level of attention.

They have expert attention twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, all year round. No excuses. A chat is displayed on the homepage to talk to an expert who can guide you with information before making a purchase.

In addition, Hostwinds is proud to own 100% of its servers, systems, and structures. So when you have a problem, you can solve it directly. By not subletting the software there is more control over the quality of the service and which gives greater peace of mind to customers.

For these reasons, Hostwinds has been deserving of some awards and recognitions. Find My and have awarded Host winds with the "Editor’s Choice" award. Which means it’s personally recommended by these sources.

In particular, Hostwinds offers web hosting services, VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server Hosting), cloud servers, and dedicated servers. I’ll break them down for you in the next section.

Hostwinds' Services

Hostwinds' services

Hostwinds has a wide range of services. Most of them can be customized to suit your needs. Basic packages already offer several features, such as one-click installs or backups that are generated overnight. Plus, Hostwinds stands out for having an Uptime of 99.999%, which means your site will always be online. Your site being offline will be a rare occurrence. But let us review each of its services.


Hostwinds offers web hosting services for various needs. In each category, it offers packages ranging from basic to specialized. They call them, "basic", "advanced" and "ultimate". All include free migration, website construction services with Weebly, site monitoring, night-time backup, and full management.

Here are the hosting options:

  • Shared: This is one of the most common hosting options. In it, the server is shared with other people. Therefore costs are cheaper. At Hostwinds, you can purchase this service for USD 6.74 per month.
  • Business: This hosting is made for companies. This service is specialized in optimizing your company’s site for your success. The packages are adapted to the size of your company, if it is a small company the basic package is enough. You can hire it for USD 10.49 per month.
  • Reseller: This is an interesting option for Hostwinds. This service would not be contracted in for a person or business, but to resell the service. It makes you a hosting provider without having to handle administrative processes. The basic package costs USD 5.24 per month.
  • White Label Reseller: This service is similar to the previous one although it increases its features. With the option of Reseller, you can only sell the hosting, with White Label Reseller, you can sell the other services offered by Hostwinds. It is a good option for entrepreneurs or web designers who want to offer more to their customers. Prices start at USD 10 per month.


The VPS hosting service refers to private virtual servers. This hosting option offers superior performance than the traditional ones. They are virtual servers on physical hosting machines. They offer the same case as dedicated accommodation services at a lower price. If you want to know more about this option you can visit this site.

Hostwinds offers various VPS options with dedicated resources:

  • Linux Managed from USD 8.24 per month.
  • Windows Managed from USD 12.74 per month.
  • Unmanaged Linux from USD 4.99 per month.
  • Windows Unmanaged USD 10.99 per month.

The options labeled "managed" mean that Hostwinds will take care of the hosting management details. On the contrary, the "unmanaged" options are cheaper, because it will be up to you to take over the management of the server. In turn, you can customize storage, bandwidth, CPU, and RAM options to fit your needs.


Hosting sites on the cloud rather than a server is becoming increasingly popular. Hostwinds knows this and therefore offers this service. But, that’s not all, it also has other cloud services to optimize the response of your site.

  • Cloud servers: With this option, you can create the cloud server that works best for you. With this, you get dedicated services. Packages start from USD 0.006931 per hour.
  • Load balancers: This service helps you distribute your site’s traffic across different servers to improve your site’s response. Costs start at USD 10 per month.
  • Block storage: This is a convenient way to have extra storage on demand. It helps increase the capacity of your cloud server. You can hire it from USD 0.000042386 per GB.
  • Object storage: This service is ideal for solving problems that arise on your site when they reach a certain size. It will return stability and speed to your site. Its price is equal to the previous service, USD 0.000042386 per GB.

Dedicated Hosting

Hostwind's dedicated hosting page

This is the service by Hostwinds that is most recognized. The difference between shared and dedicated hosting is that with this option you have a server exclusive to you. Along with it, all resources will be exclusive to your site. Something attractive is that you can customize the operating system, bandwidth, RAM, and many other aspects.

Of course, these wonders come at a price. Costs rise to a few hundred dollars a month. It is necessary to assess whether it is a really valuable investment for your business. Maybe if you already have time with it and you have a frequent flow of traffic it’s a good idea to migrate to a dedicated hosting. Hostwinds support service helps you to migrate.

Pros and Cons

I've already listed Hostwinds' packages, I already talked a lot about the good stuff. But I will summarize the most remarkable features:

  • Uptime of 99.999%, your site will always be online.
  • Dedicated hosting service unique in the market.
  • Custom packages.
  • Excellence in customer service.

However, we must also talk about some details that subtract points:

  • You only have two days to request a refund: with other hosting services you can try the hosting package and if it is not optimal for your needs receive a refund. Of course, everyone has a period to make it valid, but Hostwinds' is particularly short. In two days you have to decide whether to keep it or not and if it is not what you expected you can only buy a bigger package, not a smaller one.
  • They do not have Word Press Hosting management: This point is of consideration, you will not be able to manage your page directly with Word Press. So if you're used to Word Press you'll have to figure out how to install it, but for the most part it isn't worth it. It’s almost always easier to find a hosting that already includes it.
  • Their prices represent a considerable investment: Yes, Hostwinds offers many benefits, however, it is still one of the most expensive services in the market. Buying a package is an expense. You have to think well before buying, because, as I said, their refund policy is not great.

Do I recommend it?

The community page of Hostwinds

Hostwinds can give you solutions to some hosting problems. Of course, you should study your situation very well and whether your options cover your needs. Buying accommodation or any service with them should be a strategic decision and only for those who can make that investment without being bankrupt.

Since it would have to be a very specific case for Hostwinds to be a great investment, I give this hosting service 5 out of 10. It is not for everyone, although it is a proposal with interesting solutions.

If you’d like to know more about Hostwinds visit their site by clicking here.

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