10 ways to generate more traffic towards your website

You have no idea on how to generate traffic to your website? Here we give you ten different ways for you to do it

Do we really need web traffic? Well, why would you want to have a website without any visits? If your website is a desert you need to check out these ten ideas to get traffic towards it.

1. Optimize SEO.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the actions that make your site better for visitors and search engines. A good SEO score will make search engines rank your site higher.

Laptop and sticky notes with information about SEO for traffic

How do you achieve that?

  • Research keywords for your content and use them in your title and first paragraph.
  • Grab your reader’s attention with interesting titles. It has been proved that titles that include numbers receive more clicks than those that start with “how to”.
  • In the meta description include your keywords but also use it to list the benefits of your business, if it is a blog post use it to tell your readers what they will learn from it.
  • Use images, readers like them, and don´t forget to include an alternative text for each one. Search engines will understand them better and will rank your page higher.
  • Internal links: Many times, people focus on having links with sources or other websites, but for SEO, the links to your site are as important. They’re also the perfect way to make your visitors spend more time on your page.

2. Social Networks

Social media is a fundamental tool to keep in touch with your clients. In a way, they’re your presentation card and it can determine to attract or repel people to your website. Make posts with images and hashtags that are fun to share, and keep a link to your site where people can see it.

Phone with social media for traffic

3. Email campaigns

This is another way to keep in touch with your clients. You can invite them to come back to your website to keep up with what’s new. Some programs can do this for you like MailChimp or ConstantContact.

Man touching email icon for traffic

4. Make your website mobile-friendly

You must take into account the importance of cell phones, how many things do you check on there every day? Maybe you don’t browse a lot of websites but you might check some emails and for sure your social media. We’ve already said that these two are gateways to your website, so you better be prepared to receive visitors from different devices.

Woman using smartphone for traffic

5. Giveaways

People love gifts, gift them something. Giveaways grab a lot of attention and make the word spread quickly. One way of doing them is through your social media to invite your followers to go to your website to leave their emails to participate. Doing so will allow you to implement strategy number 3.

gifts for giveaway as a strategy for website traffic

6. Facebook/Instagram Ads

If you still don’t have many followers on your social media, you can advertise yourself. Facebook and Instagram have different packages to promote your content.

Illustration for Facebook ads for traffic

7. Participate in LinkedIn

Share here like on any other social media. Share old and new articles, include images and interesting titles. You can repurpose old articles to make videos, videos do well on this platform. Always include links to your page in any of these posts.

LinkedIn logo for web traffic

8. Quality content

SEO is crucial, but also the content itself. A site with a lot of spelling and grammar errors, repeated information or even fake doesn’t rank high on searches. Visitors look for quality information that may help them, this will make them share the site. If your posts include short and simple phrases, images, and videos, as well as interesting titles, will warrant traffic to your page.

Person typing on laptop to increase website traffic

9. Update your content

Updated content indicates quality. It keeps you relevant to search engines, as well as for your visitors. Every update is relevant to search engines, they rank you better because they register it as new content so it drives more traffic to your website. Updating can help you repair broken links, add new images, check old information or add new that had become relevant.

Person typing on laptop to increase web traffic

10. Associate with a Youtuber

Just like big companies pay influencers to promote them you can do the same. Look for YouTubers who talk about related topics to yours or that their audience is potential clients, contact them and make a deal.

Computer with main page of YouTube for web traffic

These are just ten quick ideas, but there are many more ways to drive visitors to your page.

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