GreenGeeks Web Hosting Packages

The GreenGeeks web hosting service is a good choice for those seeking a web host that can grow with their website.

The GreenGeeks web hosting service is a good choice for those seeking a web host that can grow with their website. You can choose from a number of Linux-based hosting packages starting at varying price points, and if your site outgrows the initial plan you can upgrade the resources. Please see below for information regarding the features of the various hosting solutions offered by GreenGeeks.

Shared Hosting

The GreenGeeks’ Lite shared hosting plan is the most affordable. It includes 50 GB storage, 50 email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, free SSL certificates, and free domain registration for one year.

If you want to benefit from unlimited storage, unlimited email addresses, and faster performance, it is best to upgrade to the Pro or Premium plan.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is a suitable option for those who would like root access to the server or a greater degree of control over computing resources. When you choose VPS hosting, you will have full control over how much disk space, RAM, and bandwidth is available to you.

There are three fully managed VPS plans offered by GreenGeeks. The most affordable plan includes 2 GB RAM, 4 vCPU, and 50 GB SSD storage, the next plan offers 4 GB RAM, 4 vCPU and 75 GB SSD storage, while the most expensive plan includes 8 GB RAM, 6 vCPU, and 150 GB SSD storage.

Dedicated Hosting

You can choose between four different dedicated hosting plans available on their website. Each dedicated server from this web host is entitled to 10TB of monthly data transfers and includes five IP addresses. However, disk space and memory vary from plan to plan.

Dedicated server packages

Reseller Hosting

This web host is a great choice if you are looking to run a small web hosting business. You can operate a reseller account and rent out server resources to other websites.

GreenGeeks provides a license for WHMCS, which allows for a more efficient management and billing process. With GreenGeeks, reseller account holders can offer their clients free site builders and individual cPanel accounts. Certainly, this provides extra value for your money.

Reseller Hosting packages

WordPress Optimized Hosting

Aside from the standard shared hosting packages, GreenGeeks also offers plans that are uniquely optimized for WordPress. One feature includes one-click WordPress installation and automatic updates. Likewise their standard hosting plans, these plans offer the same features and prices.

GreenGeeks Web Hosting Packages

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