How to make a website for my business?

If you want to make sales you need to have a website. Social networks are not enough, professionals have websites. But, how do you make one?

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If you want to make sales you need have a website. Social networks are not enough, professionals have websites. But, how do you make one? In this article I will give you three basic steps and some tips to get started.

1. Buy a domain

First, you must buy a domain. This is your online address. Just as www.medium.com or www.linkedin.com are. Yours can be the name of your business. For example www.bettyscakes.com But, if someone else already bought that domain you will need an alternative, like maybe: www.thebettycakes.com There are never two same domains.

website domain names example

2. Hosting

Now, having the domain doesn’t mean that you have a page. The domain is just the address where they will always find you. Hosting is the place on the internet where you will be able to store all of the files that will keep your website running. Hosting will enable the publishing of your website. Let’s put it this way: the domain is your registered name and will differentiate you from everyone else so your clients can reach you, it is your address but nothing can be there without hosting. Hosting would be the space where you put your shop and make sales.

giovanirodriguez website

3. Design your website

Once you have a hosting service you can start to give your page some character. If on a store you would have to fill it up with merchandise here you have to fill it up with content. Your hosting will give you options to do so. Some, like SiteGround, work with WordPress. This tool will allow you to customize your page to your liking. It also evaluates your text’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization), meaning it helps you to appear on more searches. There are more tools aside from WordPress, like Square Space, that are easier to use, they offer templates to build your site and that can save you a lot of time.

WordPress website sample screen


Chose what’s easier for you. It is always easier to begin with whatever is simpler, what makes your life easier and doesn’t give you extra problems.

Take into consideration how much you can invest. Now, all of these things have a price and you must consider if your business can afford them. Make a budget ahead.

It must be fast. Clients lose their patience with slow sited. Also, Google doesn’t list them in the first search options.

Look professional. It may be obvious but your page’s design must be as professional as possible. This will make clients trust you.

Get copyright-free media. You will avoid paying extra or even lawsuits. In my blog, I have resources to find images and icons.

Hire a professional. If doing it yourself is too difficult, hire a professional. Web designers will take care of all the processes and will give your brand a unique web presence.

This is only a quick guide to help you get started. Building a website requires a lot of patience, many unexpected obstacles may come along the way.

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