Hostinger Review: How Good Is This European Host?

Amongst all the shared hosting providers on the market today, Hostinger is one of the most affordable. But, how good is this European Host?

Amongst all the shared hosting providers on the market today, Hostinger is one of the most affordable.

In 2007, they were known as, a free web hosting service without advertising. The Hostinger web hosting brand was launched in 2011.

Hostinger had already exceeded ten million users by May 2014. In January 2017, more than 29 million people used the service.

In less than a decade, that is a pretty impressive growth rate. Additionally, the company offers an extensive list of free and unlimited features. Yet, are all those additional perks truly free and unlimited?

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Are you interested in knowing how good (or bad) Hostinger really is? Let's examine the pros and cons of this web hosting service.


1. Quick loading - 356 ms

It is vital for website users to experience a fast loading page when visiting a website.

More than 30 percent of people abandon a website if it takes longer than three seconds to load.

Hostinger has servers based in the United States, Asia and Europe (United Kingdom). It is reported that each of the servers is connected to a 1000 megabits per second connection, which ensures that loading times are kept stable.

2. Money-back guarantee for 30 days

Hostinger provides a large variety of payment options, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Bitcoin, Maestro, American Express, and JCB.

The company also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can test them out and request a refund if the performance or experience does not meet your expectations.

Please note that not all Hostinger products are refundable, and some products have special refund terms, as discussed in Hostinger's Refund Policy.

3. Support in multiple languages

Web hosting companies are either successful or unsuccessful based on their customer support.

In the event that your site goes down for whatever reason and you are unable to contact your customer service representative quickly, you may lose a substantial amount of business.

In this regard, Hostinger does not disappoint. Besides providing multi-lingual customer support, the company also offers live chat and Intercom as their primary customer support system.

Unfortunately, live chat is only available if you have logged into your Hostinger account. We appreciate the fact that Hostinger offers live chat, but it would be better if it was available to all clients.

4. Domain and Website Builder for Free

Hostinger includes a free website builder as part of their website hosting plans. A wide range of templates are available, as well.

The Hostinger website builder allows you to customize the elements on your pages once you have selected a template.

You can also register a free domain name with both the Premium and Business web hosting plans, saving you a bit of money in the long run. In the event that you require additional domains, you will need to pay an additional fee.

5. User-friendly interface

Hoster provides easy-to-use, modern interfaces where you will find all the information you require in one location.You will then have the ability to track logins, update billing information, manage domains, and monitor emails from your dashboard.

Although the control panel does not work like a traditional cPanel, large icons make it easy to find the information you seek and when you need it.

6. Business and Premium Plans include unlimited features

By signing up for one of Hostinger's two top plans, you will be able to obtain unlimited email accounts for free. As these accounts can be managed directly from the control panel, you won't have to worry about spam filters, usage, etc.

Additionally, you have the option to set up autoresponders, enable or disable accounts, and forward emails sent from a customer's domain. All plans include unlimited bandwidth and databases, with the exception of the "Single Web Hosting" plan.

With the latter, you will be limited to 10 gigabytes of disk space, 100 gigabytes of bandwidth, a MySQL database, and one email account.

7. Affordable but with industry-standard pricing tricks

It is common for hosting companies to misrepresent their prices. Among them is Hostinger, but they are more transparent about it than most companies.

As an example, if you wish to take advantage of the amazing $1.39 per month deal for Single Shared hosting, you will be required to commit to Hostinger for a duration of 48 months. Upon expiration of these 4 years, you will be charged $2.99 per month.

This is an exceptional deal that you can take advantage of if you are willing to commit to the same web host for four years. As a result, you may be able to save quite a bit of money compared to other hosting providers.


1. 99.75% Uptime inconsistency (There have been three unsatisfactory months of Uptime)

When choosing a web host, it is imperative that you check out the uptime of the server.

Over the past year, Hostinger has delivered 99.75% uptime on average with approximately 22 hours of downtime. Hostinger has a history of providing reliable uptime results, so we investigated what was causing this below-average uptime.

Hostinger has been performing extremely well over the past nine months when uptime has varied between 99.95%-100%. Nevertheless, in September, November, and December 2020, the uptime was respectively 97.89%, 99.89%, and 99.32%, which adversely affected the overall average.

2. There is no traditional Control Panel

Most hosting products come with a traditional control panel, such as cPanel.

Hostinger has designed its own control panel which may prove easier to use than a traditional control panel for new users. On the other hand, if you are already familiar with cPanel, then you may not enjoy its interface.

3. Nonstandard terms of payment

Several exceptions to Hostinger's 30-day money-back guarantee are disclosed in their Refund Policy.

The following items are refundable under the standard terms:

  • Hosts (excluding the initial payment after the Free Trial period)
  • Transfers of domains (.eu transfers are an exception. EURid charges a non-refundable transfer fee, and an additional fee must be paid if the transfer fails for any reason. .es transfers are also non-refundable.)
  • SSL Certificates.

The following are not refundable:

Refunds are not possible for redemption fees, domain name renewals, and privacy protection. Registration fees for new domain names are generally not refundable unless canceled and processed within four business days of registration, not 30 days.

Before moving forward, please remember these exceptions.

What is our opinion of Hostinger?

We totally recommend Hostinger.

Hostinger provides exceptional speed. There has been some fluctuation in their uptime performance over the past year, but overall it has been relatively high if we exclude the three months in which they performed below average.

The entry-level, Single-Webhosting plan does not offer many unlimited benefits or free services. With the Premium, Cloud, and Business Web Hosting plans, you get a great deal more for a very competitive price. Moreover, Hostinger offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with its services.

Additionally, their customer support team is friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive in case a query arises.

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