ManyPixels is an excellent tool for businesses that require graphic design services, but lack the resources to employ in-house graphic designers. More than 1,300 customers utilize it.

ManyPixels is an excellent tool for businesses that require graphic design services but lack the resources to employ in-house graphic designers. More than 1,300 customers utilize it.

The ManyPixels graphic design subscription enables you to request an unlimited number of commissions per month, without any limits. ManyPixels operates on a flat fee basis. As a registered user, you will have the option to request as many designs in a month as you wish.

How can you use Manypixels? What can you do with it?

  • Unlimited requests
  • No additional charges
  • Selected Designers
  • Unlimited reviews
  • Quick delivery times
  • Range of design requests

Who can use it?

  • Startup companies seeking assistance with branding, social media graphics, email marketing, etc.
  • Creative or marketing companies that require the design of event graphics or web banners.
  • Companies that are interested in business reports, infographic illustrations, or eCommerce graphics.
  • Blogging/podcasting hosts who require catchy icons for their channels.


In talking about packages, we should consider the pricing plan offered by ManyPixels. Basically, there are three types of plans - Essentials, Advanced, and Business. This service costs $ 449 monthly, $ 549 monthly, and $ 899 monthly, respectively.

If you are interested in more information about the pricing packages, click here.

ManyPixels pricing package

A good portion of these features is available in the Essentials package. All downloadable assets, revisions, and marks are unlimited, as are the stock assets and source files; all of this is included in the Essentials package. A wide range of services is included in the Advanced package, such as illustrations, web design, and even PowerPoint presentations. There is, however, a limitation for these two packages. They are limited to one design per day. Purchasing the Business Plan would allow you to double your production, which also includes priority support if you would like to do so.


  • The company is one of the few that offers both website and mobile design. 
  • High-quality design work.
  • The user interface is very intuitive and easy to use. 
  • Sharing your designs with others for feedback is easy.
  • Accessing previous versions of a design, as well as obtaining source files, is straightforward.
  • You may submit as many concept ideas per month as you wish
  • In order to facilitate the sharing of your brand guidelines, you may create brand profiles
  • An affordable monthly fee allows for simple budgeting
  • 14- day money-back guarantee
  • Plans are scalable


  • You may not receive the full value each month if you do not consistently require design work. Using ManyPixels is worthwhile if you spend an average of at least 8-10 hours per month on design work.
  • In some instances, designers work in a different time zone than U.S. workers, so requests are typically completed overnight (typical of service providers that offer unlimited graphic design).
  • It is to be expected that custom illustration requests take longer than the usual graphic design requests.  In the meantime, they are one of the few providers that actually do custom illustration (most illustrators start with pre-constructed components, therefore you see the same illustration style throughout the web).

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