Why is web security so important?

Learn the reasons why it is necessary to have a secure website and some recommendations to improve the security of your page.

Web security is very important, as it is something that affects thousands of companies in a negative way every day. Security flaws, hacks, information theft. In rough numbers, around 30,000 to 50,000 websites are hacked daily.

Being secure in the online world is becoming increasingly important, as the online presence is growing and it is vital to protect the data you have on the Internet. The security of a website is crucial not only for your customers but also for the reputation of your business.

Does your company have a website that is not secure? Why is security so important on a web page?

Learn the reasons why it is necessary to have a secure website and some tips to improve the security of your page:

Top hacking scenarios

The main problems that occur when a web page is hacked are:

Web out of service

The web simply does not work, and the user finds the link inaccessible.

web security problems

Illegitimate content

Content not authorized by its owner appears on the web, which may vary, but most of them are focused on illegitimate activities and fraud.

Fraudulent mailings

One of the most common hacks is using a hacked website to send emails to other email accounts to spread encryptors or scams.

eCommerce frauds

This type of specific hacking of online stores is really dangerous since all the purchase information is sent directly to the hacker's account.

Data hijacking

If the web stores sensitive data, the hacker can steal it and demand ransom under the threat of publishing that data on widely distributed channels. It can be information from both the company and the customers.

The importance of web security

A secure website is necessary if you want to protect your customers from possible cyber-attacks or theft of personal data and payment information. And not only this, but it also affects the company in many ways that we will mention below.

Learn about the main reasons why you should pay attention to web security:

Loss of traffic and visibility in search engines

A hacked website receives a huge penalty in its organic ranking and will take months to recover, if it ever succeeds. If your website is the victim of a computer attack, this affects your SEO positioning, because when your page is hacked they inject malicious code, affecting the visiting experience of your users.

Website security codes hacking

If your readers come to access your page and find something out of the ordinary, they will automatically close the browser and may not visit you again. Also damaging the reputation and credibility of your brand.

Likewise, Google as a protection measure, if it detects danger on a site, it quarantines it, removing it from search engines. This through alert messages to users such as:

  • The website you are going to access contains malicious software
  • The website you are going to access is misleading
  • The website you are going to access contains harmful programs
  • This page is trying to load scripts from unauthorized sources

Conversions drop

With a hack, not only visits are lowered, but also the actions that your customers performed, such as filling out forms, making purchases or subscribing. This is because no one wants to put your information and privacy at risk. This is how the conversion rate of your website is affected.

You damage your online reputation

We have just seen it in the previous point. Users who manage to enter your website once it has been hacked will create a negative image of your business. And not only because of the user experience, a site that has been hacked also gives the image that it does not invest enough money in the safety of its customers.

Another point to consider is that the company's domain is blacklisted and any email that is sent will be considered spam and could even be rejected. And nobody sees spam emails as good.

Your income and sales will fall

Loss of sales and revenue is a consequence of all of the above. Because if you do not have visibility or traffic on your website, users will not be able to find you and access your site, not turning into sales.

Too many negative things for not paying attention to a single point, right?

If you do not want this to happen to your website and your business, it is important that you take into account some security tips for your page that can help protect you and your customers:

How can I improve the security of my web?

There are several ways in which you can increase the security of your site. Here is a list of the most basic and simple:

1. Hire quality hosting: There are many options for hosting servers, some better than after. But the reality is that the ideal one for you will depend on your type of business. Everything is a matter of researching thoroughly and knowing well what each one offers you.

This might interest you: Hosting types available for your website

2. Use strong passwords: We are not kidding when we say that it is not a good idea to use the same password for all your sites and include easy words like the name of the company. This makes it easier for anyone to access. Our recommendation is to have difficult passwords, using 12 characters, combining numbers, letters and symbols in a random way and having them all saved to never lose them.

3. Keep everything up to date: This includes your servers, your CMS or authoring software and plugins. With every update you miss, your website becomes more vulnerable

4. Have backups: Schedule backups to be made frequently and also run them every time you make a change. Store them on a secure server and in this way you will be backed up in case of any unforeseen event.

5. Use an SSL certificate: An SSL certificate is a green padlock that appears when you enter a website, implying that it is secure. This protects your customers' data from being hacked.

Certificado SSL | Web Security


Without proper security maintenance, hacking is virtually inevitable. And as we already mentioned in this article, it affects in a very negative way and it is difficult to recover. That is why it is vital to invest resources in increasing the security of our web as much as possible.

We hope this information has helped you realize the importance of security on your website and that it becomes a priority in your online business.

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