Uplabs is a place to find high-quality design resources, but, is their premium license worth it? Do the pros overweigh the cons? Find it here.

As designers and developers, when we search for resources that provide templates, we may look for deals that offer high-quality designs at a fair price. At this point, purchasing a license can be a good idea, as they allow us to download as many assets as we want without worrying about the author's accreditation. This is the case with Uplabs.

Uplabs claims to be your source of high-quality design resources for the Web, iOS & macOS, and Material Design including interfaces, experiments, open-source applications, libraries, and ready-to-use products. But, are their licenses worth purchasing? Do they offer everything they say on their site?

Keep reading to discover the pros and cons of this page and their plans, and find if they're convenient for you:

About Uplabs

Uplabs Main Page

The UpLabs website provides designers and developers with a place to locate and share resources for building apps and websites. In this marketplace, developers and designers are able to share ready-to-use UI components like login forms and payment forms for building apps and websites. As a member of UpLabs, designers and developers are able to provide one another with feedback on live concepts, as well as buy and sell their prototypes.

Who is it for?

UpLabs is a place for designers, creative agencies, and developers, where you can find, share and buy resources for your projects.


A community-based site

On Uplabs users can:

  1. Share paid and free resources in our showcases.
  2. Search for specific resources based on the subject or program used.
  3. Share his/her work as inspiration or as a freebie.
  4. Vote and comment on others’ work.
  5. Participate in design challenges in which the winner becomes an UpLabs Premium seller and gets their work featured in various outlets.

This is a great plus as it not only offers designs but so many enriching features.


Uplabs offers various types of licenses, but we're going to focus on two: free and premium.

A free license is a good option if you're looking for designs for personal use. You can download up to three resources per day from the free library. Just keep in mind that if you want to download premium resources, you'll need to pay the price set by the seller, usually around $30.

Regarding the premium license, for only 19.99/month or $9.99/month for twelve months ($119.99 billed once a year), you will gain access to over 100,000 high-quality premium resources that you no longer have to provide author accreditation for. You will also be able to enjoy unlimited downloads of free and premium resources, and AD-free experience while browsing, and the perk of Premium Support. Sounds good right?

Uplabs Premium License

Constant updates

Apart from having a very big library at the moment, they're constantly growing and updating to offer you the latest designs for every project.


Content mismatch with description

In UpLabs, there are descriptions and screenshots in the assets added by the designers. Apparently, there isn't much supervision in this subject because it has happened that when you download some of the files, the design is different or some templates are missing. And that can be a big turn-off.

Problems with the software

The contents in UpLabs have several software compatibilities so you can choose to download the one with suitable assets for your work environment. But, in some cases, regardless of which software you try to export, they are all exported in the same format. And that can really mess up with our projects as there is no way to fix it.

Uplabs Product Design Display

Subscription cancellation issues

Their aforementioned premium subscription plan states to give you the right to cancel at any time. However, it has its tricks. Usually, when you cancel a subscription before it expires, you still get to enjoy the remaining days until the following payment period starts. But with Uplabs this doesn't occur.

If you purchase a monthly premium plan, and after 15 days, you want to cancel because it didn't cover your expectations, the day you cancel is the day you no longer have access to the premium assets. In this example, you have 15 remaining days that you already paid but not be longer able to use. How awful!

This is the reason why Uplabs suggests canceling one day before your billing cycle... if you remember to do it.


To sum up, Uplabs is definitely a good resource for giving feature-based design ideas, and apart from having access to 100,000 resources, you can get feedback and be part of the community. However, as stated in the cons, it looks like their policies are designed to benefit them and not the users, so if you're going to buy a subscription just because you like a design, it may disappoint you.

So, my final recommendation is to analyze what you're looking for and if Uplabs covers your need, then go for it. Just be aware to read carefully every time you download a design and have in mind the dates of your subscription payment in case you need to cancel it in the future. Overall, is a great site that has high-quality varied designs and that is constantly growing.

Click here to navigate their site.

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