If you're looking for royalty-free, quality illustrations for your projects, unDraw is the best option for you. Learn more about it here.

Do you need to give your project a visual boost but do you have a tight budget? Do you prefer to focus your time on other projects rather than designing? I present you unDraw, a collection of free, quality illustrations for any project you can imagine. Focused on people and technology, the illustrations are perfect for modern web design.

About unDraw

unDraw is a library of royalty-free illustrations created by Katerina Limpisouni. Launched in 2017, unDraw arises with the simple goal to show that we designers should contribute to the open-source community, to help bring beautiful design abilities to everyone.

unDraw Illustration Example

For whom is it?

For anyone: designers, developers, and many other professionals. unDraw has grown to be used by organizations like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Harvard Business School, and has been adopted by a truly open community that includes designers, developers, and content creators, using it every day in unique and unexpected products, projects, and ways.


You may use it on personal and commercial projects without paying any royalties: websites, blogs, presentations, applications, etc.

Available formats

  • PNG
  • SVG

About the library

With Undraw, you'll find a library of high-quality, beautiful vector icons in four different styles with more than 500 illustrations from various categories, for example:

  • Social media
  • Chart
  • Mobile
  • Website
  • Maps
  • Payment forms

To make use of any of these illustrations, you just have to choose the one that most catches our attention and click to download it.



Use images that scale without quality degradation, making them not just retina but future-ready. With a tiny file size, combine dozens of SVG images without worries about speed and with the ability to embed them to minimize requests, for blazing-fast loading times.


Quality illustrations are available for your designs with customizable color(s), objects that can be combined and modified to create new exciting images, and a design style that balances art and tech to future-proof your designs.

Open-source license

You can use the illustrations in any project, commercial or personal without attribution or any costs. A truly open license.


Customizable colors

The search engine has a color palette in which you can put color codes in hexadecimal format so that the illustrations go with your branding and project. Change the base color of the illustrations as you desire.

Undraw color search
Constant updates

The unDraw collection of free illustrations is constantly being updated, so you can always find new illustrations.

High-quality resources at no cost

All the graphic resources available are of great beauty and quality, and the best of all, free.

Final thoughts

unDraw it's an excellent resource for all those who want to create more visual landing pages, mobile applications, and websites. Their drawings and Illustrations will doubtlessly enrich your projects. If you do not have a large budget and are looking to have a visual impact on social networks, or on your own website, I definitely recommend you give it a try.

Click here to access the library.

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