Do you know Paaatterns? A free collection of beautiful patterns from Lstore graphics. Discover its features and benefits!

If you are looking for patterns with eye-catching designs, Paaatterns is what you need. A free collection of Lstore graphics for all vector formats. Read on to learn more about it:

For whom is it?

Paaaterns is an easy and simple tool to use. It is aimed at UX designers | UI that seeks to complement the visual image of a design in a short time.


  • Files in png and svg formats
  • Easy to edit and customize
  • Different styles and colors
  • Files include color layer styles, vector shapes, symbols, and components
Paaatterns preview page designs
Original designs

Paaaterns features 22 accurately crafted patterns, where the interesting shapes are hand-crafted and the color palette is intelligently chosen to offer the perfect complement for when ideas run out.

Available in:

Paaatterns available formats

Sketch, Figma, XD and Illustrator.

The features that the designs offer vary depending on the program you use. For example, a .sketch file allows color layer styles and vector shapes; one in .fig, same plus components. One file in .xd includes symbols, color layer styles, and vector shapes, and one in .ai only vector formats.


  • You can use it both in your personal and commercial projects.
  • By using Paaatterns in conjunction with a powerful layout system, you can streamline your workflow.
  • Get eye-catching designs in seconds.


Paaaterns is completely free, so by entering the website you can immediately download the patterns you want.

They have a preview page, where you can see detailed photos of each of the designs as well as the names, the color palette, and the shapes.


Paaaterns is undoubtedly a very helpful tool for professional designers. It is a free resource that I recommend you take advantage of if what you want is a strong visual style in a short time and quickly.

Although it only has 22 patterns, the colors and shapes of each are so well planned that you will surely find one that is perfect for your needs.

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