What does Exemplar Free Avatar Library has to offer? It includes 20 avatars that can be Resizable, customizable and much more!

If you're looking for a free avatar library, take a look at Exemplar. Keep reading to know more:

About the Avatar Library

Exemplar - Free Avatar Library

The Avatar Library includes 20 avatars. These templates may be customized in terms of colors and shapes to meet the needs of your application. This is a library of carefully selected user profiles. During the course of working on a project with a large number of profiles, I came to realize that a styles library would be more efficient than a plugin, therefore, in order to save time and make things more intuitive, this library has been built.

In computing, an avatar (also known as a profile picture or user picture) is usually a graphical representation of a user, similar to the appearance of a persona. In Internet forums, for example, you can use it in a two-dimensional form as an icon, or in a three-dimensional form if you prefer. An avatar can also be defined as a visual representation of concepts or ideas that are not visible, or as an image that represents a real-life individual within the virtual world that is the Internet.

It includes:

  • Figma components
  • Sketch symbols
  • 20 Free Avatar
  • Resizable, High Resolution & Customizable
  • Suitable for Web & Apps

Exemplar offers:

Choose Avatar and background-color

This feature enables you to customize the Avatar with the sketch and the Figma override you wish to use. The only thing you have to do is choose a color to go for the background using a color palette. As a bonus, you can easily create your own avatar library by using our avatar components.

Change the shape of your avatar and scale it easily

Depending on your recommendation, make sure that you are using high resolution and scalable avatars. Also, you can simply click on the button in order to change the Avatar's shape and you'll be able to change it in a snap. Additionally, you can easily create your own individual custom avatar shapes from the avatar library.

Avatar State and Multipurpose Initials

You can make your application more interactive by using solid side initials and label side initials. In this regard, this feature has a great deal of importance. Aside from that, the initial text on the sketch and Figma override can be changed according to the user name. Consequently, through the use of the free avatar library, you are able to choose user states like active, away, offline, do not disturb, etc.


We recommend you use Exemplar if you're looking for high-quality customizable avatars. Their page is easy to use and you can use the designs on any project.

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