Use DreamHost as the foundation for your website growth. They offer WordPress and web hosting services for businesses of every size.

DreamHost should be one of the first places you consider when you need to build a Linux-powered website.

It offers a wide range of web hosting services, such as shared, WordPress, virtual private server (VPS), cloud, and dedicated plans, to meet a variety of individual and business needs. Additionally, its website-building software offers webmasters simple tools for creating attractive, flexible websites.

Shared web hosting

The DreamHost Company offers two shared hosting plans: Shared Starter and Shared Unlimited. The Shared Starter plan (starting at $4.95 per month or $3.59 with a one-year commitment) offers unlimited data transfer and storage, but no e-mail capability. Yes, that is correct: no e-mail. To achieve this, you must upgrade to the Shared Unlimited plan ($10.95 per month, or $4.95 per month if you sign up for a one-year commitment). This plan includes unlimited email and website hosting. Due to the decreased price for the one-year plan (previously $7.95 per month), it now falls within striking distance of the Starter option, making it a much better choice than previous plans.

VPS web hosting

It is a nice feature of DreamHost's VPS plans that they offer unlimited data transfers and domains. Nevertheless, the base memory is quite limited; the Basic plan (whose prices are discussed above) offers only 1GB of RAM and a 30GB solid-state drive. Alternatively, the most expensive configuration ($120 per month, or $110 per month with an annual contract) includes 8GB of memory and 240GB of solid-state storage. Unfortunately, the VPS plans are only available with the Ubuntu Linux operating system.

Dreamhost pricing for VPS hosting plans

Dedicated web hosting

It is imperative that you obtain a dedicated server if you wish to have the most power for your web presence. The benefits of this approach are that your website lives on a dedicated server, thus utilizing all of its resources. If your site is expected to receive a great deal of traffic, or if it is so critical that it cannot go down or slow down, you should consider dedicated hosting.

Sadly, DreamHost does not offer Windows-based dedicated servers. It is Linux or bust here as well. We recommend checking out AccuWeb, PCMag's Editors' Choice for dedicated web hosting, which provides Linux and Windows dedicated server options for those looking to build a website that runs on Microsoft's operating system. 

Cloud hosting

The company offers excellent packages, starting at $4.50 per month (for 512 MB RAM, 80 GB of storage, and unlimited monthly data transfers) to $48 per month (for four CPU cores, 8GB of RAM, 80 GB of storage, and unlimited monthly data transfers). Consequently, DreamHost's robust specifications make it a co-Editor's Choice for cloud hosting services.

Reseller hosting

If you are interested in getting into web hosting but do not wish to deal with infrastructure issues, reseller hosting is a good choice. DreamHost unfortunately does not offer standalone reseller plans; you can resell your own server space, but only if you add additional domains to your existing one. For more information, please see DreamHost's reseller FAQ page.

Building a website

DreamHost now provides the WP website builder, so you can begin creating your site immediately. As opposed to the past, you are no longer required to endure a long wait time to get your DreamHost account approved. It is an excellent addition. A number of themes are included with the WordPress Website Builder, which you can easily modify by dragging and dropping. I found it refreshingly easy to add photos (my own or those from DreamHost's royalty-free gallery), text, and video. In addition, you can also add third-party applications to your account, such as concrete5, Joomla, MediaWiki, Piwigo, and, of course, WordPress.

WordPress web hosting

The DreamHost website offers WordPress hosting in three distinct categories: WordPress Basic, DreamPass, and VPS WordPress. Managed WordPress hosting offers DreamPress as the standard option that will provide your website with white-glove treatment by automatically updating the popular CMS software, performing daily backups, and providing WordPress-specific security.

DreamPress allows you to install any plug-in; Pagely and WP Engine, on the other hand, restrict you from installing a small number of plug-ins that may negatively impact the performance of your site. It has been recently announced that DreamHost is adding staging to its WordPress offerings, allowing you to test new site features on another instance of the site that will not affect your live pages.

E-Commerce options

The DreamHost website offers free ZenCart, which can be accessed from the One Click Install menu. Using this open-source software, you can easily let customers check out the products you have for sale. It is also compatible with WooCommerce.

DreamHost offers a $100 Google AdWords credit along with access to Chartbeat, a tool used to track site traffic and analytics. Unlike most other services, this does not solely focus on Google Analytics.

Analysis reports for DreamHost

Security and other features

DreamHost provides antispam services on its email, however, it does not offer antimalware services. In spite of this oversight, we appreciate its attention to other aspects of website security. There is a link within the control panel that enables you to edit the .htaccess file to control access to the website or to set up a password. In order to prevent spiders from indexing certain parts of your website, you can block them. For the purpose of scheduling tasks and monitoring processes on the site, cron jobs (automated batch jobs) may be set up. Additionally, DreamHost offers free Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates, which is an essential feature for those selling products online.

Fantastic Uptime

The uptime of a website is a critical aspect of the web hosting experience. In the event that your website is unavailable, clients or customers may not be able to locate you or access your products or services.

In order to conduct this testing, we used a website monitoring tool to measure my site's availability over a 14-day period. It pings my website every 15 minutes and sends a notification if the tool is unable to reach the site for a minimum of one minute. The results indicate that DreamHost is extremely stable, and did not experience any downtime during the testing period. As a matter of fact, there has only been a single, brief failure in many, many months. Consequently, your website can be built on a rock-solid foundation with DreamHost.

No Phone Support, Excellent Chat Support

The DreamHost support team is available via email, tickets, and chat. It also has a comprehensive knowledge base. Sadly, DreamHost does not offer phone support, which is too bad; sometimes you just want to speak with someone. Having said that, the chat support is quite helpful. The test was conducted on a weekday afternoon and evening. Both times, we waited less than a minute for someone to answer my questions.

The Dream of a Power User

DreamHost is a top pick and a PCMag Editors' Choice for cloud-based hosting services because it offers its customers a wide range of tools, such as website building software, security upgrades, and unlimited disk space, monthly data transfers, domains, and email accounts. In summary, if you are a corporate client looking for world-class cloud hosting, 1&1 Ionos is the best choice. The service was named a co-Editor's Choice for the category with DreamHost and boasts very powerful cloud hosting packages.


Due to its superior performance and cutting-edge technology, DreamHost has won the Editors' Choice Award, beating out companies like HostGator, Hostwinds, and Liquid Web. Their success talks by itself, I definitely recommend it if you haven't tried it yet.

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