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Digital Ocean, a hosting made for the few but with the greatest advantages. Who is eligible to use their services? Find it out.

There are many ways to create a website, it is easy to create blogs or pages for local businesses that will help with sales. But not all of us are looking for a simple business website. When you already know a lot about programming you need more specific tools and more flexible platforms for your projects. Fortunately, such platforms exist, one of them is Digital Ocean. Keep reading to find out more:

Digital Ocean's main page.

For whom is it?

As a matter of fact, one of Digital Ocean's goals is to help developers launch more apps faster and easier. Up to this moment, it hosts half a million developers. So, we can say that Digital Ocean knows its market and doesn't mind it being too specific.


One of the features that make Digital Ocean so appealing is its speed. It seems like no big deal, but speed is crucial to your website's traffic. A slow charging website will lose traffic rapidly. This hosting website, at its lowest runs at 496ms, the average is 890ms. No doubt you're getting the best speed possible there.

On the other hand, Digital Ocean is known for its customizability. You can customize what services you pay for and what specific package you want for each. As a developer you know if you will need more bandwidth than site storage, this platform understands it and allows you to customize it as you please.

These are some basics to Digital Ocean, but if you're a developer and would like to learn more visit their website.

On the other hand, if you're someone with beginner-level knowledge of programming check out other hosting options:


Most reviews online will tell you that Digital Ocean is pretty great but that it is not for everyone. This is true, Digital Ocean caters to a specific market: developers. Meaning this platform is not friendly for beginners but it actually has great benefits for those versed in the digital medium. If anything, this makes the hosting a place for professionals and gives them the tools they will need and actually use.

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