Craftwork review. UI assets for designers, developers, and startups. High-quality UX/UI kits, illustrations, and templates. Is it worth it?

Looking for UI assets? High-quality UX/UI kits, illustrations, and templates? Craftwork may be the tool for you. Keep reading to find out more:

About Craftwork

Craftwork provides high-quality interface assets to designers and entrepreneurs. Additionally, it provides:

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Bundles are also available on Craftwork website. The bundles range in price from $38 to $98 USD, and there are 6 different bundles available. Listed below are all of the packages that you can choose from:

Code Bundle

7 packages with coded templates for websites, emails, and blogs.

Cost: $78 USD

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Presentation Bundle

Create presentations, promo posts for socials, and advertising your products.

Cost: $58 USD

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UX/UI Bundle

Manage your design workflow best with the most helpful UX/UI products.

Cost: $68 USD

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Illustration Bundle

Get 10 the most popular illustration packs by single purchase to cover all graphic needs.

Cost: $98 USD

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Starter Pack

Boost your design with high-class templates, UI kits and 3D illustrations.

Cost: $78 USD

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Social Bundle

120 posts and 120 stories in four trendy styles to improve your Instagram profile.

Cost: $38 USD

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Is there a refund policy?

Sort of.

In case that you are not satisfied with the quality of a product that you have purchased, you would have to contact their customer service department and explain your reason for asking for a refund. They will inspect your refund request once they receive it and notify you about their decision as soon as possible. Normally, they are not able to offer a refund because all their products are digital. It is still important to note they are also responsible for the quality of their products and they offer a refund if that is not suitable for you.


If you're looking for a tool that makes you save time in your workflow, Craftwork is the ideal option for you. Find high-quality resources that will be useful for you in any kind of project.

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