Avataaars is a site that offers a free library for creating custom avatars in Sketch App. But is it worth using? Find it out.

Is this Avatar creator good enough? Avataaars Generator is a new website which, by clicking on a few links, allows users to easily generate their own avatars to be used on their social networks instead of relying on their own photographs and whose users do not wish to be dependent on specific platforms of applications.

Customizable chart for building an avatar character - Avataaars

With this free library, you can create avatar illustrations in Sketch App. Combine clothing, hair, emotions, accessories, colors, and accessories.

How does it work?

In order for them to do this, they'll have to simply select from the options detailed in the various aspects that the tool allows them to customize, and they don't have to create accounts for themselves yet.

The users will only need to press the download button once they have created their own avatar, in order to obtain a .PNG image file that they can use to upload their avatars to social media platforms and other platforms and services where they are present. It should be noted that the creations can be used both for personal and commercial purposes, depending on the platform.


  • An SVG-based system
  • Website that is lightweight
  • Scalable
  • A very user friendly web application
  • Easy to integrate with custom editor
  • Comes with official editor


In the words of your creator Fang-Pen Lin from TipWander to ProductHunt, the tool is yet to be fully finished. However, in the future, it will be able to accommodate other aspects such as hair color or facial hairstyle, that are not currently available.

There is practically no element in the image that cannot be customized. Although the download is free, you will not be able to get high-resolution images, but for a profile picture what you get is enough, but for other uses you are limited.


The Avaaatars application is an excellent option for those looking for a custom design either for social networks or a project. Despite still being in development, and having some limitations, ultimately the options and benefits are greater. Avataaars not only helps you create an avatar easily and quickly, it gives you a free library and saves you design time.

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