Do you know the ideal length for a blog article?

The publication of an article for a blog is decisive for SEO and to position the page among the first places of the search engines. These posts should have certain characteristics: the use of keywords, frequency of publication, and length. 

The publication of an article for a blog is decisive for SEO and to position the page among the first places of the search engines. These posts should have certain characteristics: the use of keywords, frequency of publication, and length. Do you know what the ideal length of a blog post is? Continue reading...

1. What should blog posts look like?

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Search engines like Google are constantly changing their requirements so that publications are effective and can be positioned in the searches made by users. Before the articles had to have a short length but today it no longer works like this, which can sometimes make the task of writing the contents difficult since a greater number of words have to be used and the information contained in the article must keep the reader interested at all times.

2. What is the ideal length of a post and how often should it be done?

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  • The length of the blog and the frequency of its publication should be considered with the same importance. Short blogs tend to be published more frequently, while as the length of the blog increases, it is usually spaced between posts. What should not be lost sight of in any of the cases is the value of the information provided by the article. This is relevant because the intention of making publications is to maintain the interest of your audience in the content offered by your site.
  • Longer posts are better rated in search engines
  • Google gives better ratings to those blogs of greater length, but in the eagerness to achieve the goal of a certain number of words including the keywords in an unnatural way throughout the text, you can be penalized. Publications of shorter length often contain an excess of keywords to reach a better positioning, but you can fall into the Black SEO zone. To avoid these penalties, the recommendation is to increase the length of an article because it will allow you to include the keywords naturally and objectively.
  • By making content that offers more detailed information, Google will be able to rank it better and at the same time optimize your site. There are variants known as long-tail keywords. These are words in which instead of using only one, they are words in sequence that have a meaning and make the search more concrete. They will be of great help for your article to generate more traffic.

3. How can you determine the length of an item

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To determine the ideal length of a blog post, there are a few factors that need to be considered:

  • Define the objective

Before you start writing, define what the purpose of the article is. For social networks, the length of an article is better if it is short but it must be striking and concrete. If, on the other hand, you are looking to provide information on a particular topic in which you offer some research or specific data, it is best to have a longer length. Longer articles are better rated in search engine metrics.

When writing, you should pay attention to the wording, spelling, structure, and content you're offering. The sentences should not be very long but understandable, your article should also have subtitles. This set of factors forces you to have greater writing skills but also guarantees you a larger captive audience. When articles are long but of little value and with errors, Google will penalize you.

  • Plan a social media strategy

Social networks are great allies. These will help you generate more traffic to your site and although the content is different you can not rule it out. The length of a blog article can be long, but in networks, they must be short and attractive; this includes short sentences or pictures. These spaces are perfect for creating promotions or launching a campaign.

  •  Specifies the topic in detail

Having in mind what you want to write in your article in a concrete way is indispensable because those who have filler information are not liked by readers or search engines. You must give detailed, clear, and concrete information on the topic you want to expose, maintaining clarity and at the same time easy understanding so that readers feel captivated and waiting for your next publication.

  • Optimize the item to the maximum with the right SEO
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SEO is vital to your blog content; because it not only contributes to the positioning of your site and to stay within the favorites of search engines and readers.

To have optimal SEO, the use of keywords is vital, and remember to use the long-tail keywords mentioned above. The ideal length of a blog post in which SEO is optimal is around 2,450 words. But remember, all information should be detailed and valuable.

  • Target your target audience

When writing your articles you must do it thinking about what interests the audience you want to reach to provide them with information that is attractive to them. This also determines the length of your item. In previous articles we have mentioned the importance of including audiovisual material, do not forget to do so.

4. What is the ideal article length for your blog?

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As you have seen this depends on several factors and in many cases the length is determined by you after having made an analysis of what is ideal for search engines, which platform you are going to target, etc.

But there are parameters for the ideal length of items:

  • 100 to 300: This length is recommended for short posts, ideally for those that are aimed at social networks and marketing campaigns.
  • 300 to 600: This is the average and recommended length for blogging. This extension works to explain almost any topic and is an effective means for SEO and social media.
  • 750 to 1000: With this length you can generate detailed content, easy to read for your audience but that allows you to address the topic you want.
  • 1000 onwards: this is considered a length for articles that seek a positioning in search engines. They are much more detailed publications with great information content.

Regardless of the length of a blog post, the essential thing is the quality of the content and who you're targeting. You can find an average number of words that will depend on the variety of articles you want to publish, maintaining an attractive, clear, and authentic format.

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