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When you are creating a website you have to think about a lot of things before you start working on the site. one of them is to think about the platform we’re going to use to create. An easy way to do this is with website creation sites, know some of the best options here.

Today everyone needs a website, no venture or company that doesn't benefit from an online presence. It can be a complicated process but you don’t need to know programming to build a website. Fortunately, there are sites dedicated to the creation of websites. Although this simplifies the process, there is still a lot to consider before venturing to hire a site that will help us in this process. That is why it is important to have several points under consideration and to know some options.

How to choose the best website creation site?

Before exploring your options you must have some definite points about your website. This will help you know if the service you are hiring will meet your needs and meet your expectations. If you go directly to hire what seems to be the best website creation site you may end up disappointed and not precisely because it turns out to be a scam or a bad platform, but because it is not made for your needs. Therefore, first of all, follow these steps to avoid future problems.


A neon sign that says: focus

Think about your website, mind how it looks. Are there any images? Do you need to insert audio or video elements? These features have to do with the content you will find on your website. It’s important to keep them in mind because a page that handles multimedia will need more space to run smoothly and store all its content. On the other hand, a page dominated by texts is much lighter. That’s why you have to take into account this first point, the creation site you hire will need to have the capacity you need and the ability to add the features you want.


People designing a website on a whiteboard then go to the website creation site

Beyond content, how does your page look? Does it have a distinctive style? Not only in terms of colors or font, but you also have to think about what kind of website it is. It is very different from the design required for a web trade than for a blog. Planning your design based on your purposes will make you have features that better target your goals. If you still don’t know what kind of website you’re going to create, I recommend reading this blog: What Type of Website Is Best for Your Business? To solve your doubts.

What do you want from your website?

Person thinking about web creation

This is one of the most important questions to consider. You should ask yourself what you expect to achieve with your website, having an audience that reads to you? Sell online? Publicize your brand? You don’t have to choose a single answer. It is highly recommended that you have the main objective but beyond that, you must be specific. If, for example, your main goal is to sell online, perhaps this means the possibility of making yourself known internationally or have a blog that connects with your customers. Explore which things are a priority for you and which are secondary so you know what you’ll need at the beginning of your website creation.

Consider your skills

A person facing the challenge of website creation

Although websites are easy to use, some are simpler than others. The wonder of website creation sites is that you don’t need to know any programming language, JavaScript, or HTML. They work under the principle: what you see is what you get, that is, it is a graphical interface that allows you to move through blocks of different types (text, images, video…) and create as you put features on the pages. However, some sites are intended for those who have some prior knowledge of building websites and can handle more sophisticated tools. If it’s your first time creating a website and you’re not a developer and programmer, look for the simple before the complex.


Money of different denominations

Finally, how much are you willing to invest? There are indeed free website creation sites but these options are often too limited. It is always better to allocate a budget, even if it is for a basic plan to ensure that we will have enough space on our website and that we will have access to the tools we will need. Of course, without going bankrupt in the process.

My top 5

Below is a list of the websites that I like the most. Remember that this is my personal ranking and that it is preferable for you to evaluate whether an option suits your needs or not. Perhaps my criteria as a developer do not stick to what you are looking for (that’s why you must do the selection process above). For now, I hope this list will help you to know some alternatives.


website layout

This is a very interesting website creation site. Among its main features offers:

  • Elegant insoles
  • Quite creative freedom
  • SEO tools
  • Mobile optimization
  • Implementation of apps on the website
  • Unlimited sources
  • Advanced design options

The most striking are its two functions of creation:

  • WixADI: this option refers to Artificial Design Intelligence. When you start creating with this option you will answer a questionnaire about your website, you will be asked why type of website, what you expect to get from it, and how you would like it to look (like the questions at the beginning of this post). With your answers, artificial intelligence technology will design your website.
  • Wix Editor: this is the option for those who like to be in charge. In this case, you will be controlling step by step the design of your website without artificial intelligence assistance. This modality can be more complicated for those who are building a site for the first time, although it is not as difficult as knowing a programming language.

If you want to learn more about Wix, visit its website.

Go Daddy

People designing websites to choose best website creation site

This site, in addition to selling domains, has everything for you to create your website. Go Daddy knows that creating a website is far beyond design, so in addition to good templates he also offers tools to make your website meet all your expectations.

The Go Daddy website editor is very easy to use. It’s agile, powerful, and takes you to step by step. At first, it will ask you to answer a couple of questions: what the topic of your site is and what it will be called. Then you’ll start editing, you’ll choose a theme, click on an image or text to change it, and when you’re satisfied with how it looks you’ll be ready to publish your site. Something interesting is that you can try the editor without having to have bought anything, it is free.

Go daddy has other website creation options. On one side is InSight, the artificial intelligence technology that can help you create your site. On the other hand, you can call and hire a web developer to work on your project. Of course, this would cost more than using the site’s templates and editor.

Finally, Go Daddy has specific options for web commerce. This is always relevant as online shops require infrastructure and options to make online sales. It has special SEO and marketing tools to improve the visibility of your business, plus it promises to make the shopping experience enjoyable for shoppers.

If you want to know more visit Go Daddy’s website.


Website design to use on best website creation site

One of the most used website creation sites. Weebly is known for being easy to use. The platform is responsible for hosting, SSL security as well as domain. They are in charge of all the infrastructure to keep your website online without problems. Although they do not forget about those who like the custom and that’s why they also have options to modify using HTML code, CSS, or JavaScript.

Weebly has developed in particular the creation of online stores. It has special features for them, such as products, shopping cart, taxes, shipping, inventory… among others. Besides that, it has specific templates for this type of website.

The platform has a free plan that includes the Weebly brand domain, SSL security, 500 MB, search engine positioning, and more. The next package costs $50 per month and can be paid annually, obviously, the pay packages have more features.

Learn more on Weebly’s website.


Person designing a website to take to best website creation site

This website creation site is highly advertised by YouTubers, so it has gained popularity. However, he has many reasons to be recognized.

From the homepage, it is clear that this is a site focused on the beauty of the design. Squarespace prioritizes good design and considers that it is something that should not be sacrificed. Therefore, its templates have been awarded. Part of the success is that they maintain a minimalist style that always looks clean and professional.

Another notable feature of Squarespace is that it has special features for blogs, portfolios, or webshops. Again, the importance of designing with what kind of website we want to create in mind is reiterated. Squarespace knows that each of these sites has different requirements to function more appropriately.

In addition, you can buy a domain and create a specific email account for your business. This usually gives a more professional look. Among other features, they have SEO and email marketing tools to grow your brand. On the other hand, they have developed features to implement in different types of sites, such as those that are to tell stories, which can be added to blogs.

If you want to know more, visit the Squarespace site.


Website layout on ipad to choose best website creation site

This is the best option for beginners. With Zyro creating highly professional-looking sites is very simple. This is the main purpose of this platform and makes it clear from its home page where it stands out as an easy option.

Its drag and drop editor features an intuitive interface that anyone can learn how to use. There is no need to make use of programming languages. In turn, having the freedom to move features freely is very much how to create sites tailored to your needs. It also has specific features for online merchants such as: linking with Amazon, Facebook, and Instagram to sell, SEO and email marketing tools as well as reports for you to analyze your growth.

One of the not-so-nice things about this platform is that it’s not as customizable. The facility sacrifices some of the customization possible for a website. It’s a great option if it’s your first time to venture into creating a website, but if you’re looking to improve your page layout or implement something new, this website creation site is not for you.

Visit the Zyro website to learn more.


Man working on a laptop on a roof
Before choosing a website creation site, you need to set your needs and expectations, only then will you be sure to choose the best one. That’s why it’s important to think ahead to what you want from the website and imagine a design. Depsués, when exploring the options will choose the one that is best for those goals in particular.

Which website do you think is the best? Tell me in the comments.

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