10 tips for working home office mode succesfully

Home office can be exhausting. Find motivation, focus and make your work enjoyable and productive with these 10 tips for working from home successfully.

The covid has come to change the way of working forever, making the home office popular, and as much as this modality seems ideal, it can sometimes be difficult to find that motivation and concentration to work from home.

That is why in this blog you will find 10 tips that will help you get the most out of your home office:

1.- Designate a suitable place

The place where we work in terms of home office is one of the most determining elements of how we are going to carry out our work. It is very important to designate a specific place within the house, which is comfortable and suitable to be there all day.

As a tip, choose a place where there is a lot of lighting and you can have privacy. And preferably, that it is not your room, since there they will only make you want to rest.

Home office work place

2.- Prepare that home office environment as if it were an office

Since you've designated the location, it's important to make sure you feel comfortable and have everything you need to work. Some elements that you should take into account are:

The chair.- I can tell you from my own experience that a rigid chair, where you cannot spend more than an hour sitting, ends up causing back problems and with it, the desire to work disappears. Ideally, you should have a well-padded desk chair that fits your comfort.

Remember: Don't even think about working lying down, it's the worst thing you can do since your productivity decreases very much.

Notebook.- Either physical or digital, but you need to have something on hand where you can write down your tasks, comments and clarifications that are made throughout the day. This way you make sure you don't forget them.

Drink.- Although it is highly recommended to eat in the place where you work, what is allowed is to have something to drink. Be it water, tea, coffee, whatever. Staying hydrated is vital for concentration and energy, and in this way you avoid stopping all the time to go to the kitchen.

Headphones.- If you are going to be in constant meetings or talking with clients, make sure you always have good headphones on hand that allow you to fulfill your functions.

Also, don't forget to talk with your family so you can arrange how you'll manage noise in working hours.

3.- Establish a routine

Since you have the whole "set" ready for home office, it is time to plan how you want to carry out your day. For home office, you probably don't have to wake up 2 hours before to take the transport and have to get ready. However, I advise you not to lose the habit of showering in the morning, putting on work clothes and having breakfast before starting your schedule. It is important to adapt to feel motivated. After this, you will be more active and it will be more difficult for you to get sleepy again, thus avoiding the temptation to lie down again.

Also, plan hour by hour what you are going to do: How many pending do you have? How much time are you going to dedicate to each one? What time are you going to eat? Remember that you are your own boss and it is your responsibility to set daily deadlines and follow them.

4.- Schedule and prioritize

You will surely have many tasks to complete throughout the week, but it is important to recognize which ones need to be completed beforehand. For this, you can help yourself with an agenda, which contains specific information about each of your goals. Once you complete them, you cross them off the list.

Home office agenda - establish a routine

5.- Identify your most productive moments and assign hours of rest

We all have hours where our brain works best. Identify these hours and assign the highest number of tasks in this period. Mentalize and concentrate to give your maximum and finish as soon as possible in this time interval.

Also, rest is vital. Because spending many hours in front of the computer can be tiring for the eyes and the mind. Ideally, take a 15-minute break every 2 hours. Take advantage of this time to stretch, go to the bathroom, say hello to your family or pet, check your cell phone, etc.

6.-Eliminate distractions

The cell phone has seriously become one of the worst enemies of home office when it comes to being productive. With so many social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok, we can spend hours on the internet without realizing it. That is why I recommend you leave your cell phone outside your work area.

But beware, if your cell phone is something you need to communicate with your colleagues, what you can do is disable notifications, and set the goal of only using your phone for what you need, without distractions.

7.- One thing at a time

Multitasking can cause all your tasks to be done halfway, and you do not pay the necessary attention to each one. To do this, it is better to focus on only one, and concentrate on finishing it and completing it correctly before starting another.

8.- Create bonds with your work team

Being away from the office does not mean that you have to be in total silence. One of the most beautiful things about work is being able to make connections with your colleagues and meet people with the same interests and goals.

In the digital age of home office, you can use any medium to communicate with them. Be it a small meeting at the beginning of the day, a message on WhatsApp, or a thank you email, but have contact with someone in the way you want.

It seriously helps reduce stress, feel like you're not alone, and combat emotional burnout.

9.- Leave home ocassionally

If you do everything from your home, and you spend every weekday inside it, there may come a point where you feel locked in and only anxious to get out. That is why one way to balance and help this emotional part is to go out from time to time.

Whether it's for a coffee with friends, lunch, or even going to work one day in a public coworking-like space, this helps reduce the feeling of isolation and makes the workload less heavy.

10.- Thank yourself and prepare for the unexpected

It is a reality that it takes a lot of mental strength to be truly productive working in home office mode, and for that you have to thank and reward yourself. You can give yourself a coffee, a snack or buy something you like in recognition of your great effort.

Also, you should take into account that working from home involves unexpected problems such as internet failures or external noise. However, nothing happens, it is part of life and there will always be a solution to these problems, so do not stress too much. They are things that everyone goes through.

Here ends the list of 10 tips to work in a home office mode, I hope they help you to continue doing an excellent job from home.

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